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Work less for every dollar.

Ready to master marketing? In my "3 Steps to a Better Business" training, I share the 3 things I focused on to triple my income without killing myself blogging, no complicated ass launches, or edge-depleting effort. (You see my baby hairs are flourishing right?

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The truth is this...money is a tool and marketing is a strategy to help us achieve anything we want, if we have the balls to go after it. We just need a plan of action.

I'm a proud corporate dropout turned full-time entrepreneur and forex trader. After five years of bullshitting in business, I finally figured out how to make money in my business and flip that money with trading. I've been through many of the stages your business is in right now. I wasn't making much money and was confused, burnt out, and frustrated. I finally got my life together when I started using the strategies that I was using in my 9-5 on my business. I started to treat my business like I treated my job: as a responsibility. I had to respect myself as an entrepreneur, as much as I did as an employee. It all started with the way that I was setting goals. Watch the video below. 


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    I had lost my mind for a second.

    Can you believe I had been helping my employers make hundreds of thousands of dollars as a marketing manager, and my business was on struggle mode? I had many of the same thoughts that are running through your head right now:

    • "Do I even have what it takes to do this?"
    • "What should I sell?"
    • "How can I build my brand and following?"
    • "How do I actually make money online without having much time for launches and a ton of content?" and my favorite,
    • "How do I grow my social media without having weekly photoshoots and immaculate makeup?"

    But breathe easy; to get somewhere you haven't been, you just need directions. You see, in Corporate America we created plans for every single strategy we were going to implement and every tactic we wanted to try in the calendar year. Everything was intentional and strategic. A lightbulb went off. I created a marketing plan for myself. I needed to give myself directions, a plan. I stopped trying to play catch up, watching a million webinars, and doing a bunch of random things, and got ahead of the game instead. I went from breaking even, to having 5 figures sitting in my account AFTER my bills we paid and I paid myself. Don't you want that too?

    In order to create your strategy, you need to know your obstacles first. Do you know what's keeping you from making real money in your business? Take the quiz below.