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Training? Nah. Pay for tactics so you can get your time back.


You're in the right place if:

You're launching a product, service, book, class, or even a brick + mortar space and want to set yourself up for success and sales.

Or you already have a product, service, shop or venue and want to put your sales on autopilot and not feel like you're hustling for every single dollar.

I love to work with hustlers who have been desperately trying to:

  • Take their business to the next level by increasing their profits.
  • Boost their credibility as an expert with a more polished and cohesive brand.
  • Figure out what to do and prioritize in their business so they can execute faster.
  • Make passive income and generate sales from social media and email marketing.

But before you go any further, understand that this isn't coaching. This is where brand + revenue analysis meets audits + action plans. I'm your trainer in business: telling you what to do, and how to do it so you can see results. If you're sick of courses and having to teach yourself everything, you're in the right place. 

  • Want to book more speaking engagements or clients? We’ll position your brand so opportunities come to you.
  • Haven't been selling as much as you should? I'll figure out why there's a lack of demand and help you get more leads.
  • Need help getting clear on what to do next to grow your brand? I’ll design your marketing strategy for you.

So what is the Profit Process?

My new signature service The Profit Process is for entrepreneurs in need of a change. My goal? Get you from where you are to where you want to be by helping you make better decisions in business and setting up your marketing to run itself. Let the expert do the work, and give yourself more time to work with clients or create.

Automation Toolkit


Delivered Instantly

  • 60-page Hobby to Business Ebook
  • Website Conversion Masterclass
  • Sales and Conversion Spreadsheet
  • Goal-Setting Spreadsheet
  • Monthly Growth Spreadsheet
  • Promotional Copy Template + Planner

The Essentials


Delivered in 5 days

  • Everything in the Automation Toolkit
  • Email Funnel Outline
  • Landing + Sales Page Audit
  • Lead Magnet Design + Setup
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Profit Process Tiers:
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The Master Plan


Delivered in 10 days

  • Everything in the Automation Toolkit
  • Detailed Email Funnel Outline
  • Full Website + Brand Audit
  • Lead Magnet Design + Setup
Profit Process Tiers:
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Have a question? Contact me. hi (at) emmeliedelacruz (dot)com

Emmelie De La Cruz

Why me?

over the last 6 years, My work as a digital marketer has been focused on sales and revenue in both Corporate America and as a Fellow entrepreneur. I've worked for Million Dollar Brands and generated Passive Income in my Own Business. 

This service is for hustlers who know their business has so much more potential, but they don't have the time or the marketing savvy to figure out the real problems and implement the right solutions. You need help seeing the bigger picture and putting all the pieces together. I know you have a lot of ideas spinning around in your head and struggle to figure out how to implement it. I got you. Not sure? Check out my Linkedin profile and recommendations.


Profit Process Tiers:
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How the Packages Work

If you’ve ever needed an expert to come in and make your marketing effective and simple, you're on the right site. I'm not here to coach you and encourage you, I'm here to develop and implement a strategy so that you can take social media marketing off your “to-do” list and focus on doing what you do best – run your business.


Step 1: Discovery

After you submit payment and the intake questionnaire, we start with an intro call designed to help me understand your goals and challenges. Have you made people crave what you sell? Have you positioned yourself as the best person for the job? Do enough people know you exists? Is your marketing automation on point? non-existent? I will develop a strategy to solve the problem directly affecting your business.

Step 2: Analysis

After the call, I go off into my chamber to analyze all of your metrics from the last 3-6 months. How many people came to your website/store/channels? What did they do while they were there? What is your most profitable customer acquisition channel? What places are driving traffic? Is Instagram really producing revenue or is it Google? I will answer all those questions and more for you and develop your Profit Process: the marketing copy and tactics that will drive sales to your site. 

Step 3: Deliverables

After the strategy is outlined, your email funnels, lead magnet and audit reports will be emailed to your between 5-10 business days, depending on the package that you purchased. 

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Services FAQs

What's the Refund Policy?

If we jump on our initial call and realize that we aren't a good fit or that you aren't ready for this particular service, I will provide a full refund immediately. If you continue with the service after the initial call, refunds cannot be provided.

Who writes the social media content?

All of the content is written in-house by myself and my team of freelancers.

Is there a contract?

Nope, I'm going to earn your business each month and not hold you hostage. I know that once you see the results + how much time and energy you save, you’ll buy a bigger package and tell your squad!

How often will you post on my social media pages?

Your social media posts will be spread out throughout the month.

Can I do my own social media marketing with an intern?

Of course you can. However, would you rather have to spend more time and money training and managing someone with limited experience? Or pay an expert and get it off your plate and done?