Squad Goals: 30-Day Social Media Challenge

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Squad Goals: 30-Day Social Media Challenge


Squad Goals is a 30-lesson email course with daily prompts and strategies to help you post more, get more followers, increase engagement, and create better content.

Squad Goals gives you the daily guidance you need to intentionally grow your following on Instagram, Twitter, Periscope, and Pinterest without having to be a reality TV star or Instagram model.  Regardless of algorithm changes, new features, channels and networks, (or whatever the social media universe throws your way,) having the foundation to grow and engage your following is key. This 30-day course will change the way you approach your social media to be able to post, promote, and profit from your content. 

Next Challenge Cycle: May 2017

If you don't want to wait until the next cycle, you can still register for the challenge, you just won't be eligible to win the $50 cash prize. 

Register by April 30th to be eligible to win the cash prize. If you register after April 30th at 11:30PM EST, you will still receive the challenge PDF and emails, you simply will not be eligible to win the $50 prize.


What's included in Squad Goals? Emails, Printables + Support

You want to grow your social media following, but don't know how. I know the struggle. The problem is, you don’t post enough because you don’t know what to post, what to say, or what to do.  This is where Squad Goals comes in. When you sign up, you will receive your Squad Goals e-guide, with all 30 daily action items in one place. Each day this month, you will have one strategy to implement that will help you grow your online squad. You will also get the prompts via email, as a friendly reminder to get your *ish* together. As part of the challenge (+ in addition to your daily action items) you will get resources like:

  • 110 Best Business Hashtags You Need to Use on Instagram

  • The Top Twitter Chats Every GirlBoss needs to Attend

  • Get Your Likes Up: Instagram Photography Guide

How do you win the challenge?

  • $50 Winner: Gained most followers in a 30 day period.

Next challenge: May 2017

Registration Closes: April 30th

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Why do you care about this? Well, more followers means more opportunities to grow your brand, sell your products or services, increase your credibility and just make your channels less dry. Whether you're a blogger, entrepreneur, feel lonely in the online space or are just an all around bad b*, you can benefit from this challenge. C’mon we all love a nice “YYYAAASSSSS girl.” on our selfies. Don’t lie, boo. Love yourself like Kanye loves Beyonce and don't play yourself like Taylor Swift. Let’s do this, together. Ready to get your squad up? Great. Purchase and start winning on social media today.

Even after the challenge is over, you will receive regular updates whenever the social channels change or update. Instagram Live? Snapchat Group Chat feature? I got you! That's the beauty of my e-courses; as the landscape changes and new tools and strategies are released, I'm right there telling you how to use them for your brand.

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In case you need some receipts, here's what past students have said:

Emmelie is definitely walking in her purpose. I followed squad goals to work on my craft and to take on social media with new knowledge and new techniques. Every day I was growing and learning and downloading something new. I now have an entirely new perspective on social media management and marketing because of her. SQUADGOALS was exactly what I needed at this time in my life. I have recently become a full-time entrepreneur with my brand Average Black Girl and this knowledge was well needed. I am now able to compete with my industry leaders and my increase in likes is showing. In the month, I have done squad goals I have gained around 250 likes. I have my calendar in order for what days I am posting what and my followers have been noticing. #HustleHack #SquadGoals
— Danielle Mitchell of MelaninBusiness.com
I’d like to try my best and be as professional as possible when writing this but I can’t! The Squad Goals challenge was everything for me especially managing two different brands. I learned a wealth of information that I won’t forget. What I loved most about the challenge was Emmelie herself. She was quick and professional with responding to my messages and she definitely gave me the “girl next door” vibe. She was helpful and even celebrated my gains with me. I was able to grow my following by 62 new followers on Instagram. For me that was amazing! I’ve never had that kind of growth since I first joined the IG community. Here’s a tip. Take the challenge! It’s so worth it.
— Chrystallynn Block
I am so glad that I became familiar with Emmelie and The Branding Muse via social media. Finding her both knowledgeable & HILARIOUS, I have now participated in the Melanin Magic virtual conference & the Squad Goals Challenge. When it comes to the Squad Goals Challenge, let’s begin with this… SIGN UP! With each assignment, Emmelie does a great job of narrowing down ways to share the best content that fully represents your brand while providing great tips for its betterment. In a nutshell, anyone who signs up for the Squad Goals Challenge and commits to it is, UNDOUBTEDLY, bound to learn something!
— Ginger Graham
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