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Your Funnel Map is on the way to your inbox. Check for it there and in spam (sometimes it be hating.) This worksheet and checklist is a straight-forward no fluff way to plan out your marketing automation system. More sales, less work. 

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Squad Goals: 30-Day Social Media Challenge

Squad Goals is a 30-lesson email course with daily prompts and strategies to help you post more, get more followers, increase engagement, and create better content.

Squad Goals gives you the daily guidance you need to intentionally grow your following on Instagram, Twitter, Periscope, and Pinterest without having to be a reality TV star or Instagram model.  Regardless of algorithm changes, new features, channels and networks, (or whatever the social media universe throws your way,) having the foundation to grow and engage your following is key. This 30-day course will change the way you approach your social media to be able to post, promote, and profit from your content. 

What's included in Squad Goals? Emails, Printables + Support

You want to grow your social media following, but don't know how. I know the struggle. The problem is, you don’t post enough because you don’t know what to post, what to say, or what to do.  This is where Squad Goals comes in. When you sign up, you will receive your Squad Goals e-guide, with all 30 daily action items in one place. Each day this month, you will have one strategy to implement that will help you grow your online squad. You will also get the prompts via email, as a friendly reminder to get your *ish* together. As part of the challenge (+ in addition to your daily action items) you will get resources like:

  • 110 Best Business Hashtags You Need to Use on Instagram

  • The Top Twitter Chats Every GirlBoss needs to Attend

  • Get Your Likes Up: Instagram Photography Guide

  • The Post Generator: 48 Content Categories for Social Media Posts

Bundle Deal

If you would like to learn more about building your brand and creating content, take a look at the Make Yourself Marketable Bundle which includes the Squad Goals Challenge as well. 


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