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your sales page is the reason you aren't making money.

Are you ready to finally make money while you sleep, grow your business while you work, and not have to hustle for every dollar? The reason you haven’t been able to do that is because of one universal truth: You cannot make passive sales if you do not have strong persuasive sales page and a marketing strategy to drive people to it.

Does this sound familiar? 

  • You struggle with making consistent and passive sales online, because you have a hard time juggling all of the moving pieces of a launch campaign.
  • You want to make your side hustle your main hustle, and you haven’t created the income yet.
  • You’ve been googling "How to create a funnel" and looking for "sales page templates" - still haven't written one word of either.
  • You’re not a marketer, and wish you could just outsource it. But most of the copywriters and coaches out there charge more than you can afford. 

The truth is you're not just leaving money on the table. You’re leaving freedom on the table. You can't leave your job, spend more time with your family and friends, get some much deserved rest, or take a proper vacation because you are always hustling. You have to work super hard for every single dollar, because you haven't mastered marketing yet. You’re frustrated and tired of not making sales consistently.

If you’re ready to make passive sales, you’re ready to turn your website into your #1 salesperson and get a real, money-making marketing strategy. You need a process.

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Introducing The Sales Kit, the done-for-you solution for overwhelmed entrepreneurs who want to make more money online.


Can you imagine making money while you sleep, creating momentum in your business, having more time and the freedom you've always wanted, because you know your website and marketing strategy will do the work?

Here’s how to make that happen.

You will complete a questionnaire in about 10 minutes to help us learn more about what you’re selling. In 48 hours, you will receive a complete landing page that you can copy and paste into your website. You will also receive ideas for social media posts, email funnels, and blog posts so you can promote your new shiny page.

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so who the hell  Is Doing this for you?

Emmelie De La Cruz is a digital marketing strategist, national speaker, and the author of Make Yourself Marketable. After working in various areas of marketing and communication, this South Bronx native launched her consultancy to help entrepreneurs and side hustlers grow their businesses. Her marketing insights have been featured in Black Enterprise, The Miami Herald, The Huffington Post, PR Daily, and Forbes named her site one of the top career websites in 2013. Emmelie is a graduate of Syracuse University's S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communication and has worked for companies in Atlanta, DC and New York City.


This is a good fit for:

  • Frustrated entrepreneurs who've been struggling to write their sales page, email funnels or making sales.
  • Coaches or consultants aren't the best marketers but want more passive income.
  • Dreamers who have been dying to launch something, but have been feeling stuck.   

This isn't for you if you: 

  • Don't plan on putting your best foot forward when completing the questionnaire.
  • Aren't willing to do the work necessary to promote your new sales page.
  • Don't have a good grasp on your audience.
  • Aren't sure what you want to sell.



Don’t miss this opportunity to eliminate the “What should my sales page say?” headache. We do the work for you, so you can operate in your zone of genius, whatever that is.