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Get everything you need to build your brand and grow your business in the new year. Buy The Profit Planner and get my Make Yourself Marketable book, free!

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  • The Profit Planner (Gold Version)

Eliminate the confusion around making money online.   

Business shouldn't feel so hard. Become consumed by sales can suck the life out of any business and make you wonder why you even started this in the first place. There is an easy way for coaches, consultants, creatives, influencers, and authors to make more money online.

Does this sound like you?

  • You’re struggling to make money online.

  • You feel frustrated, because you keep downloading resources and taking classes but still feel stuck.

  • Part of you doesn't even believe that it's possible to make real money on the Internet.

  • You want to feel more organized and like you aren't all over the place when it comes to marketing.

It feels like you have to be a business unicorn to get something to pop off.

I feel you and can assure you that isn’t the case.

The truth is…You're wasting time and energy doing things that don't create revenue in your business, only for you to end up discouraged and the PayPal notifications not ringing.

Are you waiting for someone to teach you exactly how to get your digital marketing together? You probably have a million things to do, and can't afford to waste any more time. It's too confusing and overwhelming to create a sales funnel and make money on autopilot. You want to make more sales with less work.

Introducing the Profit Planner, the only planner with the room and the guidance for you to master sales, revenue, and daily organization in your business.

It’s time for you to:

  • Make consistent sales every single week in your business.

  • Do what you love and not feel bogged down by all the business stuff.

  • Put that email system to work and stop second guessing what to say to your audience.

  • Have fun in your business, because you can focus on creating and not selling.

Here’s what’s included in the bundle.



  • 40 pages of information on how to generate revenue in your business
  • 207 Planning Pages with Product Creation, Sales Page Outline, Email Funnel Planning, Social Media Planning and a Daily Planning Page. 

Topics Covered in the Book Include:

  1. Pick A Problem You Can Solve
  2. Package Your Solution for Sale
  3. How to Calculate Your Price Point
  4. Plan Your Entire Product With An Outline
  5. Create your sales page
  6. Writing A Persuasive Sales Page
  7. Validate Your Idea for a Product or Service
  8. Create Your Offering
  9. Set Up Your Funnel and Product Path
  10. Create Content to Promote Your Freebie and Your Offering
  11. Track Everything with Google Analytics
  12. Set your sales goal
  13. Getting New People Into Your Funnel
  14. The Launch Process
  15. Getting Traffic To Your Site 
  16. Measure and Analyze Your Success
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