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We're a No BS sales funnel agency here to launch or automate sales for your next course, product, or service offering.

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Between the live streams, the phone consultations, the questions in your DMs, and all the social media posts, it feels like you are working a lot harder than you should. You have moved past the DIY courses and coaching programs, and are ready to get your marketing done so you can operate in your zone of genius.

Our agency handles all the moving parts of your sales funnel and launch strategy. Whether you need a sales page written, guidance on your social media strategy or a full launch plan, we take care of everything from copywriting, to design, to implementation. You sit back and run your business, while we do all the work.

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Tired of having writer's block when you try to write your sales materials? We have you covered.


We take the hassle of designing flyers, social media content and sales page graphics off of your plate.


Forget the tech. We set up your funnels, code your sales pages, plan your content, and schedule your social media.
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Meet Yliana

"Working with Emmelie has been an absolute dream. Beyond assisting with my launch, she pushed me out of my comfort zone to take charge and not be afraid to engage and be the face of my business. In just 7 days, with her incredible marketing and motivation, I made over $21,000 in sales.



Meet Massi

"Emmelie helped me get my entire sales process together and design my first fitness cookbook. I got 47 pre-sales in less than a week. My customers LOVED IT! I was able to help them achieve their fitness goals as well as make a profit for my business. A win-win! Thank you, Emm!"



your sales funnel is the reason you're not making money


Are you ready to finally make money while you sleep, grow your business while you work, and not have to hustle for every dollar? The reason you haven’t been able to do that is because of one universal truth: You cannot make passive sales if you do not have persuasive sales funnel and a marketing strategy to drive people to it.

Does this sound familiar? 

  • You struggle with making consistent and passive sales online, because you have a hard time juggling all of the moving pieces of a launch campaign.
  • You want to make your side hustle your main hustle, and you haven’t created the income yet.
  • You’ve been googling "How to create a funnel" and looking for "sales page templates" - still haven't written one word of either.
  • You’re not a marketer, and wish you could just outsource it. But most of the copywriters and coaches out there charge more than you can afford. 

The truth is you're not just leaving money on the table. You’re leaving freedom on the table. You can't leave your job, spend more time with your family and friends, get some much deserved rest, or take a proper vacation because you're always hustling. 

If you’re ready to make passive sales, you’re ready to turn your website into your #1 salesperson and get a real, money-making marketing strategy. You need a process.

Learn more about how we can help by downloading our service deck.


Just like you, we have a type.

we love working with: service-based and info-based businesses.
authors, coaches, lawyers, accountants, social media managers, consultants, virtual assistants, influencers, course creators, and even network marketers!

Don't see your industry or business? Just ask! info@revenue15.com


This is a good fit for:

  • Frustrated infopreneur who's been struggling to write their sales page, email funnels or making sales.
  • Overwhelmed entrepreneur who is making money online and wants to take their business to the next level.
  • New entrepreneur who is ready to launch that product or service but needs some guidance and structure.
  • The discouraged coach who is tired of doing free initial consultations that don't convert into Paypal or Stripe notifications. 
  • Busy freelancer or consultant who doesn't have time to serve clients and focus on marketing.

This isn't for you if you: 

  • Don't have time to provide feedback during the project.
  • Aren't willing to do the work necessary to promote your offer and follow our guidelines.
  • Don't have a good grasp on your audience.
  • Aren't sure what you want to sell.




Need help figuring out all the moving pieces of a successful launch?

Download our Launch Playbook that outlines all the steps and materials you need.