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The things I was telling myself were ruining my life.

I talked myself out of everything. You see, my biggest regrets came from the times I had given up. The chances I didn’t take. The lessons I learned too late. The emotions I let make my decisions for me. I was to living everyday as a reflection of my emotions and feeling completely helpless in my decisions. But those regrets made room for my biggest victories and the lessons that completely changed the trajectory of my life in the last two years. I complied those lessons into this book. 

There was one season in my life that changed everything.

Chapter 1: Your Pity Party Is Cancelled

Chapter 2: Character Over Circumstance

Chapter 3: You Cannot Cash Excuses

Chapter 4: You Have to Get It Done Before You Get It Right

Chapter 5: Don't Be a Hater, Success Leaves Clues

Chapter 6: Serve Your Way To Success

Chapter 7: You Owe You

Chapter 8: Movement Creates Momentum

Chapter 9: Have the Audacity

Chapter 10: You Got This


Book Release: December 2017