The Profit Process is my signature system to launch products, services, and programs for busy entrepreneurs.

You have moved past the DIY courses and coaching programs, and are ready to just get the automation done so they can operate in their zone of genius. In 4 weeks, we execute what would take you months.
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no more marketing problems


Between the live streams, the phone consultations, the questions in your DMs, and all the social media posts, it feels like you are working a lot harder than you should. You know that there is another way, but you just don't have the time or the energy to figure out how to use marketing automation to create passive sales. The Profit Process is the done-for-you solution you’ve been looking for. Less modules and more money. 

After booking this service, you will have a:

  • Complete email funnel ready to go that will convert your social media followers, email subscribers and website visitors into paying customers.

  • Money-generating sales page that will close the deal without you having to get on the phone for consultations or to answer repetitive questions.

  • Promotion archive of 15 ideas that you can use to create social media posts, blog posts, live-streams and videos to attract people to your product or service.

  • Virtual assistance to set up for funnels, design your sales pages, create your graphics and schedule your social media. Anything and everything you need to set your sales plan in motion our team can take care of.

  • Strategy Session at the beginning of the month to talk about your sales, how to maximize your Sales + Launch Kit, as well as next steps to keep your income consistent throughout the coming months. We create your master plan, together.

  • Unlimited graphic design assistance will take the hassle of designing flyers, social media content and sales page graphics off of your plate. We design what you need for you, so you can get to work on engagement and closing sales.


"Running my business leaves me no time to even think about marketing. I hired Emmelie to develop a marketing plan to automate my systems and make my life easier. Within ONE WEEK of implementing part one of her plan, website traffic increased 73% which translated into cash! Clients have booked faster and without the long pitch to convince them, and revenue jumped 82% since last month. I am BOOKED!"

Niya Allen, Owner of Resume Newbie


The Profit Process is for:

  1. Existing entrepreneur who is already making money online and wants to take their business to the next level by adding passive income to the mix.
  2. New entrepreneur who is ready to launch that product or service but needs some structure around how to market it.
  3. The coach who is tired of doing free initial consultations that don't convert into Paypal or Stripe notifications. 
  4. Any consultant or service provider who doesn't have time to serve clients and focus on marketing their services as well.
  5. This isn't for someone who doesn't know what they want to sell, doesn't have a personal brand, and wants me to tell them how to run their business, not help them execute their marketing strategy.

Eliminate your marketing automation problems.

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"Emmelie helped me get my entire sales process together and design my first fitness cookbook. I got 47 pre-sales in less than a week. My customers LOVED IT! I was able to help them achieve their fitness goals as well as make a profit for my business. A win-win! Thank you, Emm!"

- Masiel Encarnacion, Getfitwithmassi.com


The truth is…you've been working harder than necessary and leaving money on the table. 

Are you ready to change that?

Don’t miss this opportunity to get your marketing plan and launch strategy done for you. Your favorite coach and Clickfunnels will tell you what to do, but we do it for you. You focus on what you're good at, and I'll focus on what I'm great at: marketing automation and sales. Win-win.


The Investment

The Profit Process package includes: 

  • 1-hour strategy session to develop your sales and launch plan
  • Launch handbook with a marketing plan and timeline to keep track of your milestones
  • Complete sales page written and designed by me
  • Sales funnel with persuasive sales emails written and setup to turn subscribers into customers
  • 15 content recommendations to build your email list and following
  • Marketing assistance available for 30 days to execute your strategy
  • Unlimited graphic design services to create all your visual needs 


*Payment plans available* 

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Need more information on the package? Email me at: hi@emmeliedelacruz.com and check out the FAQs below. 


"Working with Emmelie has been an absolute dream. Beyond assisting with my launch, she pushed me out of my comfort zone to take charge and not be afraid to engage and be the face of my business. In just 7 days, with her incredible marketing and motivation, I made over $21,000 in sales."

Yliana Guzman, Owner of Brow Zing NYC




Is this service for me?

Yes. This service is for anyone who has a product or service that they want to sell online and want to be completely hands-off. 

What is a funnel?

You can google "email funnel" quite easily online and see some examples. It's a series of emails that you send to your audience in the hopes to make a sale. There's also a Youtube video I made here

How Long does it take?

You will receive your Sales and Launch Kit, within a few business days after your strategy session. The execution of your launch happens during the following 3 weeks.

Do you build and set up my funnels?

Yes, we handle writing, implementing the tech, and executing your launch plan. You sit back and run your business, while we do all the work. 

Do you provide initial consultations or phone support? Can I talk to you about my business before I purchase?

Your strategy session is scheduled after payment is completed. Any questions, please send them via email to hi@emmeliedelacruz.com.