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Here's the fact: A successful career is built with three ingredients: who you know, what you know, and more importantly who knows you. You might be another ambitious multi-passionate millennial frantically searching for dream job. You might not be in your ideal industry or just graduated and are figuring out your next step. You want to be in a role that you actually like, but you just can’t put a finger on exactly what you need to do to get it.

You can change that with The Job Magnet email course, the comprehensive personal branding e-course + workbook that shows you how to package your expertise and sell your skills so you can get checks for work you actually like.

Although you will receive a series of emails with assignments over 3 weeks, you will get the entire guide and workbook upfront, so you’ll be able to download, work through, and process on your own time and your own pace.

Why You Need This

  • You have no clue how to stand out from thousands of other job seekers
  • You spent a lot of time enjoying college and your major has nothing to do with what you are interested in now. 
  • Website development and creating a portfolio scare the crap out of you, but you need it to get noticed.
  • You know you probably should start blogging but don’t know what to write about
  • You’re afraid that you won’t be able to "keep it real" if you commit to a professional online presence
  • You want to move forward in your career, but feel like you are stuck and don't know what to do next

Job Magnet includes 15 sections with lessons,  examples, templates, and assignments to bring you to take action and not just consume information. The sections cover: 

Discover your personal brand and leverage it to attract opportunities.

  • Identify and eliminate those roadblocks that have been stopping you from branding yourself.
  • Learn how to translate your unique skills and strengths into a brand that attracts and impresses employers.
  • Assess your current presence and identify areas of weakness and improvement.
  • Gain clarity on your niche in order to make yourself more marketable.
  • Nail your elevator pitches and develop a personal branding statement that drives the way you communicate.
  • Refresh those outdated job search materials and master design principals that will help you make an impression
  • Stop using social media for irrelevant status updates and use it to make connections and market yourself
  • Use channels other than twitter and blogging to leave your mark online and cut through all the noise
  • Learn to leverage online connections into offline opportunities

Get hired and get paid by confidently communicating your greatness

  • Learn to leverage online connections into offline opportunities
  • Develop a streamlined but effective social media strategy that doesn’t take too much time or energy
  • You’ll get comfortable with the idea of self-promotion and be able to be self-confident without being arrogant
  • You will learn the basics of content creation, aggregation and promotion so that you don’t feel like you are forced to blog all the damn time (Nobody got time for all that!)

What You'll Leave the Course With:

  • Personal branding statement, professional biography and elevator pitch
  • Redesigned resume, cover letter and business card
  • A content schedule and social media strategy
  • Confidence and clarity

The reality is that you search for jobs the way you have always been taught. Find a job, apply, pray for an interview. You are probably diligently sending out resumes and cover letters, but the ratio of interviews to applications isn’t the greatest. Change the way you apply for jobs and learn about strategies + tools that less than 1% of job seekers are using. Talk about the odds being ever in your favor.  The job search is a real-life Hunger Games, and only the prepared survive. The strategies taught in this course are guaranteed to help you stand out from your competition and the workbook has everything you need to get your resume, cover letter and Linkedin profile together.



One day after purchase, your first assignment will be sent. You will spend the first week working on a variety of assignments from your personal branding statement to informational interviews. The following 2 weeks, you will receive email lessons and assignments to get your resume, cover letter and Linkedin profile to attract opportunities for you. 

Why? Because the time is now! Stop being a typical millennial and stop procrastinating. The job landscape changes entirely too fast with the introduction of new platforms, tools and recruiting trends. You don’t have to worry about keeping up with everything if you have a solid personal brand and clarity on what you want for yourself and your career. Each day more and more of your peers are catching on to personal branding, what are you waiting for?

Psst. Don’t worry. As soon as the course is released on October 15th, you will receive an email with your copy! This e-course and workbook will guide you so you can take control of your job search and career.