your investment



At 11:30 am, you will arrive and be greeted by some trap music and snacks. Keyword: snacks. Girl, make sure you get breakfast before you slide through.

Let's get to work

At 12:00 pm sharp, we will dive into the workshop which will be broken down into 3 parts:

1. Paid at 1st sight: Audit your personal brand, website and social media and make the necessary changes to convert them into revenue-generating sources.

2. Batch, better have my money:  Master batch-processing and plan all of your content for social media, the blog, emails and your website through June 2017.

3. Mo' money, no mo' problems: Eliminate the organization stress and confusion by learning how to analyze your metrics and creating an on-going strategy based on how your business is currently doing -- not what the internet tells you. You'll leave with an MBA: Master's in Business Automation. 

Network + Chill: The Keynote

At 3:00 pm, we will wrap and allow you to hear from women who are enjoying the entrepreneurial life both full-time and as a side hustle. After the fireside chat, you will have time to connect with the speakers and your classmates while enjoying some wine.