Teaching you what you didn't learn in college, so you can be enlightened and empowered to run your business effortlessly. 


The Make Yourself Marketable Live! Tour will be hitting Atlanta and New York this February. Make Yourself Marketable Live! is a one-day business-building intensive designed to teach you the ins-and-out of running and marketing your brand.  During 3 hours, you will be empowered to run your business with confidence and achieve your breakthrough. No more confusion on why you aren't making money, or what you need to be doing to grow your brand.

Let's keep it really real. How many times have you wasted money on "conferences"  and "summits" that left you inspired, but with nothing else? Make Yourself Marketable Live! will not only feel-good, but it will prepare you to take your business to the next level by teaching you how to implement strategies -- not theory or success stories. Class will be in session. Come ready! (and for $65, what is there to think about?)