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Comments under the lessons are for you to access me. The portal is for y’all to access each other. Feel free to connect, ask for feedback and opinions, brainstorm, chit chat etc.


This has to be said.

What you won’t do is promote yourself. We are all trying to level up and grow our businesses. This is not the place to get customers, but to build connections. Keep all promotional posts to your personal social media channels.


Please introduce yourself by sharing:

Name, City



Micah Bruce

Detroit, MI born and raised!

My husband and I offer photography, videography, and photo booth services.


I just want to share that I feel a bit overwhelmed; I am so thankful for all of this information but WOW how do I even start? I am trying to make sense of it all from my lens as an Artist...I sell different things that all fall under "Art"....I am not sure how to go this and this is Day 1 for me.....


I'm Janelle Campbell!

I'm from Pittsburgh but now living in Ohio!

I help busy moms burn fat, build lean muscle mass & get results without going on a diet.


Hey everyone!


I’m Janelle Campbell!

I’m from Pittsburgh and currently living in Ohio!

I help busy men & woman burn fat, build lean muscle & get results without going on a diet!

I’m excited to learn!


Happy Sunday, all! My name is Nneka from NYC.

My team and I create brow magic for our clients (microblading & ombre brows) and offer coaching and training in both disciplines as well.

Checking in 7/16

Hi Ladies!

I am just checking in because I haven't received any assignment submissions or comments over the last two days. Are you all receiving access and have the ability to comment on the lessons? Just want to make sure we aren't having any issues or technical difficulties.

I see you all logging in, but no activity.

Or are my lessons so wonderful and clear that you all don't have questions yet? :)

Keep me posted!

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Opt Ins

I keep circling back to my opt ins in this process. I really don't want them to be lame or not useful but sometimes if feels like doing a lot of work for a little return. Especially since prior to getting into courses all my clients have come from word of mouth. How often are you all changing up your opt-ins?