How to Build a credible Blog or Brand fRom Scratch

I just got an idea for a brand what should I do now? 

The first thing you want to do is buy the domain. Regardless if you are going to launch in 5 days or 5 years, securing the domain and your social media handles will save you a ton of headaches in the future. The legalities of incorporating and stuff like that is important, but you need to get the easy, inexpensive stuff out of the way first: securing your online presence.  Trust me, you don't want to wait and then have to buy the URL from someone else who got it before you. It's annoying and expensive. I recommend using this provider if you plan on creating a Wordpress site, since it offers hosting for your site and a free domain as well. You can use a tool like Knowem to claim all of your social media handles as well. 

What platform do you recommend for hosting a website/blog? What's the best way to get started?

Wordpress.com vs. Wordpress.org vs Squarespace

So many women reach out to me saying that they want to start a blog or website, and they are dragging their feet because they're nervous or unsure of where to start. Here is the breakdown:

If you are on Wordpress.com, you must and I mean MUST, switch your site to a self-hosted Wordpress.org or Squarespace site. Period. This is a non-negotiable. You will not be able to do anything at a professional level on Wordpress.com, because it is made for the most basic of blogs. In order to take advantage of all the functionality the other platforms have to offer, you have to choose between Wordpress or Squarespace. 


You need Wordpress. Wordpress is the easiest to use and understand platform. The templates and plugins allow you to build the most customizable site for your style and needs. It's just perfect. I used it for 5 years and miss it a ton.  To get started on Wordpress:

  • Signup with website host like this provider (they are the best and most well-known hosting company for Wordpress sites, plus the domain is free! I use it for all my clients' websites.) You need a web host, it's like paying rent for your space on the Internet. 
  • Choose a template here. Don't immediately choose a free one. Invest in something you will love.
  • Install these plugins: Evergreen Post Tweeter, Yoast SEO, and PopUp Ally

FOR THE More Experienced BLOGGER OR business Owner

Squarespace is the better option for a more experienced blogger. Once you have been blogging for a while, it's easier to figure out scrappy ways to get around some of Squarespace's shortcomings and lack of functionality. It's also perfect for a business owner whose site's main purpose isn't a blog. While it can be a little more expensive because of the monthly cost of Squarespace and other premium tools, it can balance out with its simplicity. However, it’s really easy to create a hot mess if you don’t have the design savvy to work with the templates. You can easily make the site look crazy and cluttered.

FINAL VERDICT: Squarespace vs. Wordpress

Although Wordpress is a few extra steps, they have wayyyyyy more options in terms of templates and plugins. I prefer their functionality much more and had to sacrifice a lot of it when I moved to Squarespace. For every beginner or newbie, Wordpress all the way. 

How can I create an email with my domain name?

I know you have been getting by with that fabulous gmail email, but it's time to graduate to something a little more professional. Now you're probably asking, "What's wrong with my gmail email?" It’s tacky and complicates things when you want to use email marketing software like Mailchimp. If you want to monetize your business and to be taken seriously, you need all the necessary parts. To get your custom email like hi@emmeliedelacruz.com, you are going to need Google apps. All the functions of gmail, with your own domain. 

What should I name my brand?

The short answer: it depends. The long answer: coming soon.


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What email provider should I use?

Mailchimp Vs. Convertkit

Pick one and stick to it because switching over all your forms and codes is a pain in the butt. Trust me, I did it and now I'm trapped. If you are going to be sending newsletters or promotional emails, don't really have a budget, and don't need a ton of segmentation of lists, Mailchimp is for you. It's free with the first 2000 subscribers and has a ton of functionality around design and reporting. It is also easy to integrate with many other business tools and platforms. Convertkit is more for online businesses that need to build funnels, landing pages, email courses and segment audiences based on different data. I currently use Convertkit and have been making it work, even with it's bland options for email templates.


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How can I make money blogging?

You can make money blogging a few different ways: with your own products or services, through affiliate marketing (also known as referral marketing),  sponsored content on your blog or social media channels. Notice I didn't say ads. Unless you have at least 10K visitors a month, ads won't be a good use of your time. 

What should I include in my media kit? 

Your media kit, first and foremost, should be a beautiful representation of your brand. It shouldn't be a random collection of facts. The numbers need to tell a story. It should include your biography, information on your audience, any press or speaking engagements you've done, as well as your blog traffic and social media following. In addition to information about you, it is also wise to include rates on what you can offer a potential partner. (If you're an influencer trying to figure out pricing, I wrote an entire blog post on how to set your blogger rates. Basically, it's pricing your offerings based on your audience size. )

Looking for layouts and examples? Here are my favorites.


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How did you make/print  your own journals and book? 

I wrote and designed the Sanity and Success Journal and Make Yourself Marketable book myself, and get them printed through Createspace.com, an Amazon subsidiary. Through there you can print in bulk as well as sell through Amazon.




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