Be Your Own Damn Influencer Virtual Summit
Jun 2

Be Your Own Damn Influencer Virtual Summit

You have been dying to monetize your blog and praying for the magical pitch template that will get you that coveted opportunity to work with a brand. Maybe you've been creating content for years and wish that blogging, YouTube or Instagram could paid your bills. What if I told you it could?

The Be Your Own Damn Influencer Virtual Summit is a 4-day virtual conference that will cover the most common and profitable ways to level up your online brand - WITHOUT brands. Why are you waiting for opportunities when you can create your own? Join me for the following sessions as I interview some of my favorite online influencers:

May 30th - 1PM EST

How to Monetize Your Life 101 with Emmelie De La Cruz

May 31st - 9PM EST

How to Build Influence with Ada Rojas

June 1st - 1PM EST

Why You Failed at Affiliate Marketing with Nita J

June 2nd - 1PM EST

How to Create a Product in 90 Days with Maya Elious

This virtual conference is for anyone who wants to make money online from the things they know, love, and use each and everyday. RSVP below and get access to the live sessions and the recordings. 

The Mompreneurs: DC Edition
12:00 pm12:00

The Mompreneurs: DC Edition

  • National Union Building

The Mompreneurs: Mamas in Business event will be an insightful and inspiring one that includes a panel of women that own their own companies while managing to balance business and family life. So many women choose family over career or vice versa. The panelists will explain to the attendees how they manage to juggle both business and family day to day and will let the attendees know that it does not have to be "either or", it can be "and". Come out and network with women that share the same passions.

Mompreneur Panelists:

1. Felicia La Tour (@felicialatour) - Celebrity makeup artist, Vlogger, Content Creator, Jhene Aiko MUA

2. Sole' (@mrssole) - Recording Artist, Jivamukti Yoga Teacher, Founder of Dragon Academy of Martial Arts

3. Meagan Ward (@meaganvoguist) - Woman Activist, Serial entrepreneur, Owner of Creatively Flawless

4. Eishia Brightwell (@EishiaBrightwell) - Founder & Head designer of EBJ Gallery

5. Fabiana Ferrarini (@Fabiana_Ferrarini) - Ace Health Coach & Fitness Expert and Fox News "Good Day Challenge" Host

Guest Speakers:

Emmelie De La Cruz (@emmeliedelacruz) will be speaking then doing Live Brand Audits! If you have a business in mind, come prepared to share.

Objective of Event:

  • Leave women with a better sense of confidence to join the world of entrepreneurship
  • Supply women with the resources and direction they need to launch a business
  • Provide an outlet for women to inspire and support each other in personal endeavors
The Written Agenda Live: Atlanta
6:00 pm18:00

The Written Agenda Live: Atlanta

  • Open For Business

 Authors, aspiring and current: 

  • Are you ready to up the ante with your writing skills?
  • Are you ready to learn the fundamentals of character development and outlining?
  • Are you ready to learn the secrets of marketing your book like a pro?
  • Are you ready to become a brand? 
  • Are you ready to learn how you can creative a steady source of income from writing alone? 

Meet us in Atlanta, GA, July 21st for The Written Agenda Live, hosted by #1 National Bestselling Author Mercy B Carruthers. Join us for a LIVE event that will cater to the ambitious, resilient writers who desire to gain leverage in the ever-evolving world of literature. Panelist include National Bestselling Authors, Marketing Gurus, and Brand Specialists that have all written publications themselves. Gain literacy of divine storytelling, whimsical writing, the basis of branding yourself, and magnificent marketing skills! The panel themed discussion focuses on authors improving their craft, and includes actionable steps that you can implement immediately. Discussion questions include those pertaining to character development, the writing process, and gaining a supportive reader base. Grab your ticket, now, and take advantage of the Early Bird sales at


Panelist Include:

Audria Richmond -  @audriarichmond 

BriAnn Danae - @briAnndanae 

Brittany Butler @missbfab

Emmelie De La Cruz - @emmeliedelacruz 

Jahquel Jacobs - @_jahquel 

Zakiyrah Ficklin - @zakiyrah

Branding Brunch: Atlanta
11:30 am11:30

Branding Brunch: Atlanta

Join me for @prgirlsdoitbetter Branding Brunch August 5, 2017 at 11:30 am! Gain insight on Faith + Entrepreneurship, Learn How To Craft Your Brand Story, Make Yourself Marketable and more while networking and enjoying mimosas, a Southern Comfort Brunch + vendors and giveaways! EARLY REGISTRATION TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE and on sale now!

Yoga Retreat: Cancun, Mexico
Oct 15

Yoga Retreat: Cancun, Mexico

The Inn Crowd & Pretti Yoga invite you to the Relax. Relate. Release. Yoga Retreat hosted by yours truly! Relax by partaking in daily holistic mind, body & spirit yoga sessions. Relate through our beach-side girl chat dinner party, & Release the stresses of everyday life as you enjoy all the luxuries of a 5-star resort vacation.

Photography Sesh
9:00 am09:00

Photography Sesh

Photo: Kryzayda

Photo: Kryzayda

This is you:

You need photos for your blog or Instagram, but your boyfriend is clueless, your bff is a lazy heaux, and your other friends ain't dedicated to the cause. You also don't have a budget to be paying a photographer, and you feel like an idiot with your camera on a tripod in the middle of the street. Trust me, nothing makes you feel more foolish than trying to take blog photos of yourself in public.

Well girl, I have a solution. The sisterhood of the traveling tripod. (Ok, the name needs work, but you get the point.) Don't nobody have time to be waiting for fleeky photos, so I decided to create the opportunity to do so: a peer photography session.

The last weekend of every month. 1 hour and as many outfits as you can fit in.

What happens?

You will get paired with a fellow blogger who knows how to actually work their camera to take your (hopefully) months worth of photos. Once you're done, you become the photographer for them.  Listen, you need to be as excited to take pictures, as you are to have your pictures taken. Remember, the Lord don't like ugly or petty. 

I will choose the shooting location and time, you just show up with your camera, tripod and outfits. First weekend will be happening: Saturday, September 25th at 9AM. Interested? Complete the form below.

Register below. 

Name *
List the kind of camera you have to take photos with or if you don't have one at all.
I have no clue what the heck to name this little project. Suggestions appreciated.
The Unlocked Summit ATL
Jun 4

The Unlocked Summit ATL

  • Roam Atlanta

The Unlocked Summit is designed for both current and aspiring entrepreneurs seeking assistance in unlocking their goals, dreams, and future. All workshops are facilitated on the platforms of Business, Being, and Beauty allowing women to walk away with the necessary keys to make them a well-rounded professional woman.

How To Grow Your Social Media Without Being a Thot
1:00 pm13:00

How To Grow Your Social Media Without Being a Thot

Come hang with me during the #FridayFreebie Periscope series each Friday around 1(sh). This month is all about profiting from the free content you are already creating and giving away. Make sure you're following me on Periscope to tune in and get your questions answered! (If you have no clue what Periscope is or how it works, read this.)