Photography Sesh
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Photography Sesh

Photo: Kryzayda

Photo: Kryzayda

This is you:

You need photos for your blog or Instagram, but your boyfriend is clueless, your bff is a lazy heaux, and your other friends ain't dedicated to the cause. You also don't have a budget to be paying a photographer, and you feel like an idiot with your camera on a tripod in the middle of the street. Trust me, nothing makes you feel more foolish than trying to take blog photos of yourself in public.

Well girl, I have a solution. The sisterhood of the traveling tripod. (Ok, the name needs work, but you get the point.) Don't nobody have time to be waiting for fleeky photos, so I decided to create the opportunity to do so: a peer photography session.

The last weekend of every month. 1 hour and as many outfits as you can fit in.

What happens?

You will get paired with a fellow blogger who knows how to actually work their camera to take your (hopefully) months worth of photos. Once you're done, you become the photographer for them.  Listen, you need to be as excited to take pictures, as you are to have your pictures taken. Remember, the Lord don't like ugly or petty. 

I will choose the shooting location and time, you just show up with your camera, tripod and outfits. First weekend will be happening: Saturday, September 25th at 9AM. Interested? Complete the form below.

Register below. 

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List the kind of camera you have to take photos with or if you don't have one at all.
I have no clue what the heck to name this little project. Suggestions appreciated.
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