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Atlanta Early-Bird Tickets Sales End In:

Here’s what you can expect

+ I’ll give an inspiring + interactive talk on Believe Bigger and Discovering the Path to YOUR Life Purpose

+ I’ll introduce the 5 Stages of Divine Reinvention (and teach you how to draw it + share it)

+ I’ll help you identify YOUR “split-rock” moment and determine what it means about your master life mission and purpose

+ I’ll help you unmask your hidden fears and get a bigger vision for your future (no matter what stage of life you’re in right now)

+ I’ll share personal stories of how to turn obstacles into abundance, opportunity, miracles and destiny

+ I’ll lead a Believe Bigger Life Mission Statement crafting session so that you can clearly (and easily!) articulate your life purpose

+ I’ll share with you the real secret to forgiveness, letting go and daring to Believe, Love and Live Bigger again

+ I’ll unpack the New Rules of Leadership and Influence for Women (and the Fellas)

+ I’ll share from the top ‘n bottom of my heart how I reinvented my life, shifted from stuck to 7-figures, upgraded my walk with God and attracted the most amazing man on planet . . . And, how you can boldly and elegantly enter into the future God has for you, too!