45 Minutes to Pick My Brain 

$150 Branding Brainstorm

Sometimes you're just stuck and don't know which way is up. You have a bunch of questions and have wasted way too many hours on google trying to get answers. If you’re looking to do some problem-solving and and get some direction, this is the service for you. The branding brainstorm is a consultation and audit where you will get feedback on your existing brand and get your burning questions around social media, branding, marketing, and business answered by me. I will highlight areas of improvement on your website, social media channels and processes.

The Branding Brainstorm includes:

  1. a 45-minute consultation call to become clear on your challenges and answer any questions on the areas you seek feedback on
  2.  3 business days later, your strategy is delivered with feedback on your already existing brand with includes tools and recommendations to solve the problem discussed on the call.

How does it work? After you book, you complete a form with your biggest questions, struggles and concerns. I then take a look at your brand and the form to design the most effective agenda for our call. You get your agenda and login details the day of the consultation. We then jump on a video call where I audit your business and provide the answers to your questions.

Some of the most common questions and topics of discussion during branding brainstorms are:

  • your brand identity and message

  • how to create content specifically for your target audience and niche

  • increasing blog traffic and income

  • starting a blog or brand

  • streamlining and growing your social media

  • improving content creation

  • monetizing your brand and increasing conversions for your brand

  • clarity around the ideal next steps with your brand

  • creating a marketing strategy

  • increasing leverage and influence in your space

  • increasing revenue generation through sales, partnerships and promotion