60 Minutes to devise a plan 

Sometimes you're just stuck and don't know what to do next. You have a bunch of questions and have wasted way too many hours on google trying to get answers. If you’re looking to do some problem-solving and and get a concrete playbook for your business, this is the service for you.

The Private Coaching Session includes:

  1. a 60-minute call to create your marketing strategy, solidify your sales funnels and automation, or do an overall audit of your business and brand.
  2.  5 business days later, your strategy is delivered with tools and an action plan to eliminate your biggest business obstacle.

How does it work? After you book, you complete a form  to help me get familiar with your business. I then take a look at your online presence and the form to design the most effective agenda for our call. You get your agenda and login details the day of the consultation. We then jump on a video call and get to working on your strategy. 

During our time together we can:

  • Identify new streams of revenue and outline how to market and launch the new offers
  • Analyze your marketing strategy to grow your brand and sell your services consistently month after month
  • Strengthen your persuasive copywriting and positioning so your products and services sell out
  • Address the emotional roadblocks that keep you stuck
  • Map out your income goals and how you will meet the goal
  • How to create sales content specifically for your target audience and niche