5 Quotes Every Woman Needs to Hear To Leap Forward


Last night, I was taken to church unexpectedly when I attended the Leap Luncheon hosted by Safiya Simmons alongside VIP guests like:

  • Deja Davenport, celebrity make-up artist for actress LaVerne Cox and others;
  • Africa Miranda, singer, model, and actress of Bravo TV's 'The New Atlanta';
  • Tracy Balan, celebrity hairstylist and host of Lifetime TV's 'Girlfriend Intervention';
  • Tanya Young Williams, TV personality from Basketball Wives and ex-wife of former NBA star Jayson Williams;
  • Jovian Irvin, speaker, talent coach, and Official Chasemaster for Janelle Monae and the Wondaland Arts Society

They had Khemistry Bar going up on a Tuesday. Everything from the ambiance, to the conversation, to the women in attendance went together perfectly to encourage and inspire as so many others try to do. Vanessa DeLuca, Editor in Chief of Essence Magazine opened up the conversation talking about balance, success and achievements stating, "Balance is not something permanent. It can't be that way all the time. It's not defeatist, it's realistic. Whoever decided that we have to be perfect and always on all the time weren't women."  She was absolutely right.

IMG_0058Too many times the pressure of perfection and the constraint of confusion weighs heavily on us. As a result, we don't live on purpose or with purpose. As Safiya said, "The devil can't change your destiny. He can distract you and delay it though." Here are more of top gems from the night, that you may need when you are feeling discouraged:

[Tweet "Why would you let someone else tell you what you're good at? - @jovianzayne"]

[Tweet "Comparison kills more dreams than failure ever does. - @safiyasimmons"]

[Tweet "If  you need a cheering section. Life outside the generic isn't for you. - @AfricaMiranda "]

[Tweet "The limits are in your head. We have to talk ourselves out of limits everyday. - @vanessa_kdeluca"]

[Tweet "You have the right to want more. - @safiyasimmons"]

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