Why Your Marketing Isn't Working

Let's cut right to the chase. Too many entrepreneurs are making the same mistake: they are trying to sell people who do not want to buy. And they don't want to buy for various reasons that we will discuss below. Do you have a plan for attracting new customers and then leading them from the point where they’re just discovering your brand, to the point where they feel comfortable enough and trusting enough that they’re willing to part with their hard earned cash?

If not, then there’s a good chance that you’re driving your website and social media visitors away before they’ve had a chance to buy. 

Are You A Watch Salesman?

Imagine that you’re out with friends and someone comes up to you with a watch and offers you to buy it for $500. What do you do?

99.9% of us would say nah – even if we liked the watch. Why? Because we don’t know anything about that person and don’t know if we can trust them not to sell us a fake and have us out here looking like we’re doing the #bowwowchallenge. At the same time, we don’t know anything about the watch or how it operates beyond the looks. Not to mention, at that current moment, our coins might not be set up in a way where we can spend so much money on a watch. Maybe we already have a watch. Maybe we don’t have $500 spare. Maybe we hate watches. But one thing is for sure, we didn't go out with the intention of looking for a watch. 

Now replace the word "watch" in the last paragraph with your product or service. The problem is exactly the same. You're running up on people trying to sell them on something they don't want, need, or were looking for. 

This is exactly how a vast majority of websites and entrepreneurs operate. They spam us and annoy us as customers, and leave a bad taste in our mouth. If you are driving traffic to your site only with the intent to sell, you’re essentially trying to get someone to hand over their cash with zero introduction and zero relationship building. It's like expecting sex before the first date. Like chill shawty! Let's get to know each other first shall we? 

Consumers are Helen Keller to your marketing; they don't wanna hear or see it. So what is a business owner to do?

The Better Approach

How many people have come to your site and left never to be seen again? Probably most, if you don't have a funnel. For starters, you build rapport rather than trying to sell your product right away. While there are some sales that you will make immediately, you need to have a system in place for after that first initial contact.

Let’s visualize this in a more a common way. You have a Facebook or IG ad running, and you're wondering why nobody is buying from you. You’re sending them straight to your sales page, and they don't know, like, or trust you enough to buy yet. So they slide out never to be seen again. The best way to make the sale is through free content, small sales, and email funnels. Providing them with free content allows you to become a subject matter expert, selling them something low-cost will mitigate the risk associated with buying from a stranger, then using email funnels to upsell them on the rest. This is how you need to operate to secure the bag, and if you can do that, you’ll be 100% more successful.

So let’s review: It’s better to build a relationship with your audience before you try to sell anything, especially something expensive, to them. Meet your customer where they are and let them fall in love with what you know, before they know what you are selling.




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