What the heck is content curation and how will it help me?



Prior to the era of “content marketing,” the sales process included cold calling, advertisements and other methods that push potential consumers to your site in the hopes that they will buy. Today, relevant and valuable content pull your potential customers to your site to passively learn more about you without the feeling of being “sold to.”  You’re probably wondering, what the heck does this have to do with my personal brand? Well, young grasshopper, content marketing is a tactic that you can use to passively promote yourself, your expertise and your website. I know, you are probably uncomfortable with self-promotion and sharing your accomplishments without the fear of sounding conceited or arrogant. However, the creation of content allows you to share your knowledge without having to speak a single word so that you are able to help others, share insights and bring attention to yourself.This is where content curation comes in. We all don’t have the time to blog and write articles that are related to our industry, but we still need to show that we are knowledgeable and that we remain on top of the latest news and trends. Content curation is a process that helps you do both.

So what exactly is content curation?

“Content curation [is when you hand-pick] the most relevant, highest quality digital information to meet your readers’ needs on a specific subject. It involves a process of assembling, categorizing, commenting and presenting the top content. This digital content can be in one or more formats such as text, blogs, feeds, images, video and presentations.” - Heidi Cohen"

When you are curating content, you want to collect the most recent and valuable pieces to create a new more informative piece that includes various perspectives and saves others time. Remember all those research papers you wrote in college? Those were curated pieces of content where you researched and used already existing information to educate you and help you create something new with your opinion and insights added in. Some other examples include:Your social media site feeds. If you visit my Twitter page, you will often find at least 5 articles I tweet on the topics of social media, leadership, entrepreneurship, branding and education. My feed includes the title and links to these articles that I feel my followers should be aware of, but also include a short comment that will engage them in conversation or share some of my expertise on the topic. This shows that I am not only on top of the news each day, but it sparks conversations with my followers which could lead to powerful connections and networking opportunities.Your blog. Your blog can have curated content as well. You can collect the top 5 pieces of industry news that week and share the headline, a summary about it and a link for readers to learn more.Live example here The key to this process is making sure that you are adding your two cents to the conversation. Provide commentary as to why the content is worth your readers’ time, what they can learn and your reaction to it. These insights should enhance the content promoted and not simply be a restating of it.

How Curation Works

Good content curators spend time, looking all over the Internet for quality content to read, comment on and share. In order to do this properly, you will need to create a system of content monitoring and sourcing that allows you to listen to many online conversations at once. RSS feeds, Triberr, LinkedIn Today, Google alerts and Twitter are great resources that have the content delivered to you each day.

Monitoring all these publications and populating your blog and twitter feed with so much content might seem like it is a huge commitment and can take a lot of time. What if I told you that it takes me less than 30 minutes each day to read, comment and share? This process involves streamlining the way that you source and share your content using platforms and services Iike Hootsuite and feed readers. If you want to become a content curation pro, save yourself time and increase your twitter followers, let me teach you. Sign up for Hired, Happy and Paid personal branding course. You will thank me later.