The Simple One Hour Self-Care Routine That Improves My Week

Before we go any further, let me make one thing clear: Self-care isn't selfish. Putting yourself first isn't selfish either. As a woman, especially a Latina, we are born and bred to nurture and serve. We are taught to take care of others in the most dedicated way, but never taught to invest in ourselves. Growing up, Abuela (my grandma) would insist on all of us having our nails and hair done on a weekly basis. I always thought she was extra, but as an adult I realized that it was her version of self-care. Taking time out of the weekend to take care of the outside, naturally boosted our spirits and made us feel good inside. Now I dedicate my Sundays to those same things. You need to find the things that fuel you instead of drain you. In one hour each week, I set my week up for success. 

Why do these 60 minutes matter so much?

This self-care routine increases productivity and decreases decision fatigue.

So what exactly is self-care? It’s simple— self-care is attending to yourself and your needs. Taking care of my skin and hair has always been a relaxing process for me, in general. However, doing my hair and pampering myself is also a productivity hack. It allows me to get dressed faster in the morning, because I don't have to figure out what to do with my hair, or be annoyed that my curls didn't come out right, or that I'm wearing a bun for the 5th day in a row. When my hair is done, it's a lot easier to manage and gets me out of the door faster. (More on my no-heat summer journey soon.) Same thing with picking out my outfits beforehand. I don't need to waste time trying to figure out what to wear.  All of these little decisions that you normally wait to make in the morning, are actually setting you up for failure due to decision fatigue. Simply put, decision fatigue is the idea that people tend to make worse decisions after having made a lot of decisions. So instead of getting to work with a full tank of mental gas, you're arriving with half of it gone after having to decide what to wear, how to style your hair, what to eat for breakfast and other menial tasks. After a few morning meetings and deciding lunch, you're running on E by 3PM. By using your Sundays to set up your week, you will free up your mornings and mind for decisions that are actually important. 

My Weekly Self-Care Routine


  • Face Mask (Indian Clay with Apple Cider Vinegar)
  • Hair Treatment (Coconut Oil)
  • Bath Bomb
  • Your favorite podcast or book
  • To-Do List Making Tool (Trello)
  • Oil-free body scrub (to avoid the gunk that builds up in your tub afterwards) 
  • Dermaroller + Alcohol (if you have acne scars like me #Struggle)

Outer Work: Skincare + Haircare Rituals

First 30 Minutes: Every Sunday, for the most part, it's wash day. I wake up in the morning and take a fitness class. Afterwards, I shower and do a full body scrub, wash my hair, and put on a hair treatment and facial mask. After I remove the mask, I also dermaroll my face in the hopes that these acne scars (caused by hormonal acne and an IUD) go the eff away. It has been about 3 months, and I'm finally comfortable walking around without makeup again. (If you want to hear more about my skincare, acne story and getting back to clear skin, let me know in the comments below. Sounding like such a Youtuber right now.)

Once my face is clean and I have rinsed my hair, I will usually roller set or flexirod my hair and go about my day. That might include food shopping, meal prepping, working on my blog or a number of other things. 

Inner Work: Self-Care Rituals

I'm Latina, so that means that 9 times out of 10 I probably spent part of the weekend immaculating, I mean cleaning, my whole apartment. With a clean apartment comes a clean tub, so I like to take advantage of the freshly cleaned tub to take a nice relaxing bath at the end of the day. 

Second 30 minutes: A bath is the perfect way to get ready for the upcoming week. (Remember, I also have a roller or flexi rod set happening, so it's the best method to use to make sure my hair air dries.) While you're in the bath, listen to your favorite podcast, your favorite playlist or organize your thoughts and get them all out of your head and onto paper or Trello. It's easier to organize thoughts you can see. I spend my bath-time reading usually. I'm currently reading, How to Win Friends and Influence People, so I can be a better manager and all-around communicator. (I've never really been into fiction books.) I drop in my favorite bath bomb and try to get through a chapter or so. After I get out the shower, I will pick out my outfits for the next week and get ready for bed after making sure all my posts are scheduled for the upcoming week. #SideHustleNation. 

Taking this time to get organized for the upcoming week has become a non-negotiable for me. I don't care whose day party is happening, who is in town visiting, or what foolery is going on in Atlanta or when I'm traveling. I also make some room in my calendar for "me time." It's the best gift you can give yourself. I promise. This is what self-care looks like for me on Sunday, but self-care takes many forms throughout the week:

What Daily Self-Care Looks Like for Me

  • Creating boundaries so that things and people don't drain me. ( I'm Ray Charles to the bullshxt.)
  • Maintaining a strict schedule of work-life balance. (I leave the office no later than 7.)
  • Adhering to a strict schedule for business. ( I only work when I'm inspired and drop everything to be in bed by midnight.)
  • Taking a fitness class or going to the gym. (sings:: Looking for reveeeeeeeenge all summa 16.)
  • Not going to bed angry. (This can include saying "I'm sorry" or sending a 17 page text.)
  • Bubble baths. (Seriously, this is an underrated pleasure.)
  • Talking to my family more often.
  • Positive self-talk and journaling in my Sanity + Success Journal. (My mind needs to be right.)
  • Not having lunch at my desk.
  • Cooking dinner instead of skipping it or ordering UberEats. (I like Hello Fresh, but here's a UberEats code for free delivery: eats-xaq7c

If you need some more some more self care ideas Catherine of The Blissful Mind has 30. Check them out and get into your own routine this coming week. You will be thanking me and yourself next Monday. 


Are you into self-care? Have questions about anything in the post? Let me know in the comments below.