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Figuring out how to wear prints to work is an art and a science. Mixing prints is an entirely different skill set I will elaborate on another day. But, prints are an easy way to improve an otherwise boring look. There are only so many work-appropriate silhouettes to choose from. Stepping away from traditional solid colors like black, navy and beige, allow you to express your personal style. When I attend conferences, especially if I am a speaker, I try to wear something that speaks to my personal brand. My goal is always to look credible, but still fashionable, youthful and like a risk taker. A little subtle drama is good for your wardrobe.

Wearing prints to work

Shirt | JCPenny Skirt | Burlington Coat Factory (I know, right!?) Shoes | Betsey Johnson; DSW Flats | Strawberry

I have never been a fan of wearing a a full suit. I like to take pieces from one set and mix it with another. My adorable cousin (who is more like my little brother), happened to be out shopping in Florida and came across a leather and leopard print two-piece set. Naturally, he knows those are my faves, so he got it for me as a gift. What an awesome buy, because that skirt fits perfectly, and what I thought I would be wearing for a night out, has turned into something that I like to wear for professional events.

IMG_0430For professional settings, it's always best to wear prints that have a neutral base, so in this case, my skirt's is off-white. (Since I'm thin, I usually go with prints that have a white base, because I don't want that slimming effect that dark colors provide.) If you have a bright base that's doing too much with a print on top of that, it may end up drawing the wrong kind of attention.

Whether you choose to wear a look like this with flats or heels, the print speaks for itself.


how to wear prints for work


These pictures were snapped on my tripod with my lovely Canon Power Shot.