3 Ways To Grow Your Twitter Following


If you are one of those people who still do not see the value of Twitter and social media on a professional level, you need serious help. I joined Twitter over 6 years ago just for fun and to try something new. Today, with almost 5000 followers later, Twitter has become an essential part of my life and business. It helps me uncover what the top headlines and trends are and what marketing  professionals are saying, sharing and doing. It also facilitates networking. You can connect with people from all over the world who share your interests, through a simple hashtag or a mutual follower. I shared the top 3 ways that I grew my Twitter following while taking over the Latina Bloggers Connect periscope account. Below are the key takeaways and video.

1. Share more.

Sharing, especially on Twitter can feel weird. It can be difficult to decide what to say. It can also feel unnatural just sharing your thoughts. However, people who tweet more have more followers, so get with the program. As you tweet more, you are exposed to more people consistently. A tweet has an average lifespan of 18 minutes, therefore, the likelihood of all your followers seeing and engaging with a certain message is low. Thus, you need to continuously post a combination of personal and professional content that will get you found.  One way that I like to do this is by sharing one blog post 5 different ways and multiple times throughout a month using CoSchedule.

@@ People cannot follow you online, if they can't find you.@@

2. Create community.

Hashtags are a great way to find and create a community on Twitter. Use calls to action to drive your community towards your Twitter. For example, invite your audience on Periscope to join you on Twitter using a specific hashtag. Driving traffic from your blog to Twitter also helps you grow your following. It's easy by adding the Click to Tweet plugin. Here it is in action below.

[Tweet "Here are the 3 ways to create community on Twitter."]

3. Create a schedule.

Make it easy for yourself to brainstorm content. Categorize your content using themes and conversations with a schedule. For example, Mondays can be dedicated to motivational content, Tuesdays to share industry articles, Wednesdays to posting lifestyle, Thursdays to participate in Shondaland live tweets and Fridays you talk business. By outlining the topic or theme for each day of the week, you are less likely to be stuck on what to post.

Regardless of your schedule, aim to get involved in at least one Twitter chat bi-weekly and have themes prepared for the days of the week. Below are some of the marketing, blogging and entrepreneurship Twitter chats that I have marked on my calendar that I try to participate in.

Top Marketing, Social Media, Blogging Twittter Chats
Top Marketing, Social Media, Blogging Twittter Chats