The Top 27 Business Books You Must Read in 2017


You can’t believe everything you read on the internet. The internet is inundated with (inaccurate) information and Google is a black hole that will suck the life out of anyone. The one trusted source that (for the most part) won’t steer you wrong are good old-fashioned business and blogging books. The strategies, tools and advice that are printed in plain black and white are unmatched. Whether you decided to overcome fear, stop doubting yourself, or alter your mindset this year, I have curated this collection of the best business, career and blogging books that you should read in 2017. Enjoy! ( Oh, by the way, you can read most of these books and magazines for *free* with Amazon Prime. Click here for a free 30 day trial.)

If You Want to Get Rich


When doubt has been holding you back


When you need to change, but can't afford a life coach

When you said you were going to be productive this year


@@The Books You Need To Read If You Want To Keep Your Resolutions This Year@@

When you became committed to taking your career to the next level


@@The Best Books for Every Possible Scenario You Can Think Of@@

When you realized you need to shift your mindset


When the Melanin Magic is just too real


When you're a little rachet and rough around the edges