[Style Post] Heat Survival


The heat waves and humidity this summer have been nothing short of disrespectful, but I'm grateful to not be wearing Ugg boots nonetheless. I have been struggling with figuring out what to wear to work and on the weekends that would allow me to be comfortable, professional, and cool at the same time. Luckily, I have been to Dubai, so if I could survive the desert, I can survive a summer in NYC. IMG_0843

Shirt Dress | Forever 21

I wish I had this shirt dress in every color. The linen doesn't stick to me in the same way cotton would and the circle skirt is so fun to wear. It's a nice change from the form-fitting pencil skirts and dresses. Can we say gone with the wind fabulous?



On this 94 degree day in NYC, I went with my family on a Circleline cruise and got to see the Statue of Liberty and all of the beauty that is the NYC skyline from the Hudson River. There were definitely some things that helped to keep me comfortable and survive the heat in more ways than one.

  1. Curly Hair: Since I didn't have any straight hair to sweat out and obsess over, I really enjoyed the breeze on the cruise and even decided to jump a little for joy.
  2.  Sunglasses: Because squinting causes wrinkles, and botox is expensive.
  3. Moisturizer with sunblock: Being tan is cute, hyper pigmentation and skin cancer is not.
These pictures were snapped on my tripod with my lovely Canon Power Shot.