Stand Out At Your New Job



Getting the job is only the first step in a long journey toward career success. You have to do more than just show up every day, do your job and go home. There are many things you can do that can help you start setting yourself apart from your co-workers and start positioning yourself for career advancement right from day one.

Here are some of the first things you need to do at a new job to start defining your personal brand and to foster your success:

Practice Your Pitch You are going to meet a lot of people when you start your job. Make sure you make the best first impression and that people learn what you want them to know about you by practicing your pitch. Who are you? What do you want to be known for at this company? Make sure you have a few lines ready to go when you meet someone and you have to give a bit of introduction to yourself. Don't just say, "I'm Jake. I'll be working in marketing." Make that opportunity count.

Meet as Many People as Possible

Don't stick to your cubicle or the small series of cubicles that make up your department. Start meeting as many people as possible throughout your company right away. You never know who you will meet who will give you insights about the company that can help you to expand your role. The alliances you make can lead to new opportunities within the company, promotions and more. Make as many friends as possible, and try to get higher-ups to act as your mentors.

Reach Out to Other Departments

Maybe you work in marketing right now, but maybe an amazing job will open up in product development or in client relations that you would love. To increase your chances of learning about these opportunities or securing these jobs, you need to reach out to people in other departments. Start laying the groundwork early by fostering relationships with people in a variety of departments as soon as you start your job.

Learn Your Role and Break Out of It

In the first weeks and months of any job, you will be learning exactly what your role is in the company. Sure,  you were told what your job would be in the hiring process, but the day-to-day reality of your role might look quite different once you get started. You should make it your priority to thoroughly understand all the parameters of your role -- and then look for ways to expand that role and to go above and beyond what is expected of you.

Become Indispensable

One of the best ways to claim job security and to position yourself for career advancement is to become indispensable at what you do. You can do that by finding ways to make your co-workers' jobs easier and your boss' job easier. What can you take off their plates? What can you learn to provide that no one else can? Find that niche, and you will gain powerful leverage in your role.

Your interview process isn't over when you get the job. The way you behave in the first weeks and months of your job can help you to define the role to meet your goals and can help you to move up the corporate ladder. Make sure you make them count.

About the Author

Amber Satka primarily writes on financial topics, many of which can be found on her app site at http://www.carloancalculator.org/. She is a former office manager and current mother and writer. Her leisure activities include bike riding and spending way too much time on Pinterest.