How To Stand Out In A Group Interview


Group interviews are indeed excellent platforms to showcase one’s talent, leadership skills, effective communication and convincing abilities. Taken too far, it could also smack of egotism, one-upmanship and presumptuousness. Before going into your next group interview it is necessary to understand why recruiting firms carry them out in the first place.

  • It is much more convenient and time saving for prospective firms to interview people in batches rather than as individuals. Group interviews are able to pick the best from a given lot, and that is what really matters
  • It is not only necessary and important to understand how candidates fare in one-to-one- situation but also in one-to-many situation. How candidates counter and manage tricky group, cross-personal situations are also important in work environments
  • It  brings forth competitive personality strengths and traits- both positive and negative- aspects like tact and diplomacy, how well candidates behave with others and conduct themselves with courtesy, good manners and politeness and how they win friends and influence others are all gains of group interviewing
  •  Group interviewing also brings out the latent and dormant virtues of candidates which are not otherwise visible. For instance, when given a topic to speak on impromptu, or a problem to solve immediately, employers could be able to fathom the quality and effectiveness of the candidate’s potential and how well suited or otherwise they are in meeting the demands of this company

There are also certain tips that successful candidates bring to bear in group interviews and they are as follows:

  • Be oneself, it is not correct to speak in affected manner or put on false, albeit impressive airs. The experienced interviews can see through all this
  • It is necessary to be accommodating and responsive, and also respect the views of others. While we may be right others may also not be wrong, and it is important not to thrust one’s views on others, however convincing and  robust it may appear to be
  • Give credit where it is due. During group discussions, which are part of group interviews, it is important to put forth one’s views and also respect the views of others, even if they appear contrary.
  • Remain well dressed, composed, calm and speak in well modulated voice, only in the pitch of others to hear, not too loud to be obstreperous and not too soft to be inaudible.
  • Remember- the panel is trying to get the best performance from each of the candidates and it is therefore important that one gives one’s best- regardless of the outcomes
  • Always say "X may be right but this is my opinion about this matter" -  never try to argue or force one’s opinions on others, especially the judging panel members
  • When differences arises, try to be calm and in control of the situation. Never try to put oneself in a tight situation from where it would be difficult to wriggle free. Remember that just as we judge others, others are also judging us, so we need to be at our very best all the time, giving others more than we are gaining ourselves.
  •  It is better to remain silent rather than to utter foolish and misguided utterances. While excellent performance may not necessarily fetch more grades, low performance could be ample grounds for disqualification.
  • Since all group interviews are competitive and based on elimination, it is important that one prepares well, be confident but not brusque, and be in a good position to respond to all kinds to issues, not necessarily from one’s specialized fields or knowledge domains.
  • During deliberations, candidates should desist from limiting their own minds and thinking and need to be fully accomplished in whichever tasks are ordained. This is the virtual key to success in group interviews wherein not only education and levels of intelligence are assessed but also how well one responds favorably to different situations are also judged and decided. Education should be a motivating factor and not a limiting factor.

Essentially, group interviews are very much like choosing the best apples from the basket through the right judgments made by the buyers. How one presents, conducts and impresses others are major tools for success and this cannot really be subjectively taught in any business school.

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