How to Wear Sneakers to Work

Wearing sneakers to work should become a thing, especially in places like New York and Chicago, where public transportation dominates. While I drive to the office most days, the comfort of my sneakers always beats any flats, wedges, or heels I can wear. I also have to admit, I feel like my swag is a on a trillion when I have a polished outfit on and a good sneaker. Before we all get carried away, I only own two pairs: my Jordan 11s and some random Nike sneakers for the gym. $280 for some Jordans will never, ever happen again, but I have found a few pairs that will blend in with my work outfits, but still keep me looking classy. Here are a few that are on my shopping list.

Sneakers That Work at the Office

Metallic, Suede and Platform Sneakers

You can't go wrong with a metallic, suede or platform sneakers, because they instantly make your outfit fashionable. They are never sloppy or too athletic looking. They are often made sleek and look like a shoe, not a sneaker. If you want a little texture like suede or leather, always opt for a solid color, the darker the better. You want to be comfortable, but you don't want to call to much attention, especially from HR or your manager. Suede and leather sneakers give a more lux feel, while flying under the radar in more corporate settings. 

If you insist on making a statement like I do, always dress up your outfit to keep it business casual. While working in the startup industry allows for a laid back dress code, I also want to command respect. However, if I'm going to an after-work concert or another summer activity, I don't want to have to swap shoes or change outfits entirely. If you're wearing jeans, wear a tailored top. If you're wearing super casual sneakers, wear a pencil skirt or blazer. Keep the outfits balanced. No matter what style of sneaker, if you wear them to the gym or to run errands, they have no business in the workplace. Your shoes and outfit should be crisp and on point at all times. Casual doesn't mean messy or unpolished.