Social Media Posts to Avoid at All Costs


Halloween, aka, "get away with being half naked" day is upon us.  Now let's not get all self-righteous and pretend that at one time or another we didn't wear thigh-highs and a tutu and called it a costume. But I digress.  Halloween however is also a time when a lot of people commit common personal branding fails, letting their guard down and giving followers a glimpse into what they're really like. Just because Halloween is considered a holiday, doesn't mean that you reputation gets to take a day off. Whether you are a novice or expert user of platforms like Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook, you might still be unclear on what is and isn't appropriate to share. Below is a list of things you should avoid sharing on social media if you are interested in preserving your personal brand. 1. Photos of your almost non-existent Halloween “costume”

2. Party photos where you are doing keg stands and other inappropriate things with alcohol. Yes that also includes, funnels, shot gunning, shots, flip cup, beer pong, kings, etc.

3. Photos of you somewhere you are not supposed to be, doing something you aren’t supposed to do

4. How much you hate your current job or coworkers

5. How much you hated your last job and coworkers

6. Complaints about your boss

7. How you are planning to quit your job

8. That you are looking for another job when you have not yet resigned with your current employer

9. Don’t share photos, tweets or statuses that show that you were NOT sick on your sick day

10. That are you are planning to take a sick day

11. Drama with your friends or family

12. Rants about how you hate your ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend

13. Your relationship issues with your current boyfriend/girlfriend

14. Posts about you being late, sleeping through your alarm etc.

15. The lyrics to most hip-hop songs

16. Opinions that are controversial or posts that are confrontational

17. Photos of you drawing shameless attention to your ASSets or cleavage

18. Don’t say anything about anyone’s dead relatives (thanks for the lesson Kitchenaid)

19. How you stole something and got away with it

20. PDA (Public Display of Affection)

21. Curse words

22. Anything that involves sex

23. Grammatical errors

24. Your vent session that should really be directed to your best friend offline

25. Half-statements designed to solicit sympathy and humblebragging about how busy you are


What was the worst post you have seen shared on social media?