6 Tools To Help You Send Better Networking Emails


In the highly competitive social selling landscape, the job search and business in general, the fortune is in the follow-up. To be successful when making connections, you need to up your networking emails. What are you doing to stay relevant and top of mind, but most importantly, get a response? You know you need to strengthen your network, but people are forgetting you. You just can’t find the right words or reasons to slide into their inbox. You are sending generic networking emails that don't position you to get a response.  Let's get this together, shall we? You need to send timely, personal, and relevant follow-ups to your network and use tools that can streamline the process. Creating a touch point after a personal or professional event improves your likelihood of getting a response as well as building rapport with your contact. Use events like birthdays, births, vacation, relocation, promotion, job changes, and company news to reconnect with contacts and remain top of mind. We can barely keep track of what’s going on in our own social circles, making it even harder to keep up with what is going on with all of our professional contacts. There are a few tools that help you manage all this information in a seamless way.

Craft a really personal follow up to people in your network.

1. Newsle

Newsle is similar to Google Alerts in that it notifies you whenever your friends or contacts are in the news. Newsle’s functionality is also connected to Linkedin’s Pulse app which curates content based on your profile and connections while you are on the go. This is great to get in touch and send a congratulatory email or refer to someone's latest work.

2. InsideView

InsideView is a bit more in-depth than Newsle and allows you to create a “watchlist” of people and companies that are important to you. Similar to Newsle, you are able to stay up-to-date on company news. Use this tool, especially when you are job searching, so that you know the latest and greatest happening at the company.

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3. Contactually

Contactually helps you better capture, manage, and improve your professional relationships. Through its dashboard, you are able to see your contacts from social media and email in one place, and get templates and automated reminders to follow up with them so you can remain top of mind. If you been wanting a simpler version of Salesforce, this is it.

4. LinkedIn

If you’ve been on LinkedIn often and lately (and you should have), you will notice this relationship box appear below the contact info section. We connect with so many people on Linkedin, that we can forget how we met in the first place. If traditional CRM systems overwhelm you or your budget, this is a great alternative. Connect with recruiters, followup with professional contents and set reminders to keep you on track.

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Deliver value through content.

In order for content to be well received, it needs to be relevant to both sides. Theses tools help you be the best and most relateable storyteller. The reason many networking emails fail is because they are too one-sided. You want to email me about something you need, yet you didn't even bother to make it valuable for me. The respect is minimal when a lot of people send emails. And guess what? That's why you get curved.

5 + 6. Nuzzel and Buzzsumo

Nuzzel shows you what content people in your network deem important. Discover the top news stories shared by your friends on Facebook and Twitter, without being overwhelmed or missing anything. This allows you to see what your audience is interested in so that you can share more of the content they like. Similarly, Buzzsumo lets you see what content is being spread across networks. These apps let you share content that might be of interest to your contacts and help you build rapport.

Following up for the sake of networking is foolish. It’s not about thinking “I have to network.” But it should be about meeting and building relationships with people because it’s fun. When you build genuine relationships, those are the people that will be willing to help you grow your business, brand and career. Use the tools above to improve your networking, sales, and lead-nurturing game. Add value and get value. It's really that simple.

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Use these tools to send better networking emails when you are job searching or even in sales. From job interview followup emails to following up after an event, these tools can help you master connections and networking.