Reputation Management For Your Personal Brand


reactive and proactiveYour reputation is your brand. If people don't have any experience with you, then your reputation is what they rely on to form their opinions. Therefore, it is very important to monitor your reputation for your personal brand to ensure your continued career development and success.Managing your reputation for your personal brand isn't a complicated process, but it does require that you be proactive. Here are a few tips for how you can better manage your reputation for your personal brand to ensure your continued career success:

Set Up Google Alerts for Yourself

Google Alerts can send you an e-mail every time your search query appears on a new web page, saving you the time of scouring the web for new information. You can set up Google Alerts for your own name to make sure you know about all mentions of your personal brand and can respond to them appropriately as needed.Go to http://www.google.com/alerts and enter your name as a search query, or if you have a relatively common first or last name, enter "all in title: your name" to ensure more exact matches. You can be notified daily, weekly, or as results become available.

Maintain Professional Profiles

Social media and blogs are a great way to stay connected and to market yourself. However, if they are used irresponsibly, they can quickly mar your personal brand. Drunken pictures with friends, careless posts that feature potty language or off-color jokes, and other inappropriate information can tarnish your reputation with employers, mentors, and others in your network.

It is important to establish profiles on major social networks and to use them to connect with others professionally. Only share information that you wouldn't mind being seen by your boss or someone else you are trying to impress. Keep personal information to a minimum, and set up your preferences so that no one else can post to your page or so that you approve the information first.

Maintain Good References

Your online persona is not the only one that could influence the reputation for your personal brand. It is important to maintain good references to build good word-of-mouth offline, as well. Good professional references can be called upon when you are looking for a new job, when you want to build a professional relationship, or when you need an introduction for a mentor or other business partner.

Be sure to choose reliable references who can be called upon again and again to sing your praises. Make sure you maintain this relationship and keep updated contact information.

Always be in the Public Eye

No, you don't have to literally be in the public eye, but when you live like you are, you can be sure that you are comporting yourself in a way that will maintain your good reputation. When you are always behaving as if someone is watching -- and, let's be honest, someone always is in one way or another -- you will act in a more professional way. By being proactive in the way you behave, you will have fewer issues to manage for your reputation.

Protecting your personal brand is incredibly important for your long-term career success. Monitoring your reputation can ensure that your personal brand remains intact and that you can continue to create the persona you would like to meet the goals you have set for yourself.

How do you manage your reputation for your personal brand? Share your tips for success in the comments!

Carmen Brettel is a writer and manager forĀ Student Grants. In her spare time, Carmen enjoys gardening and volunteering at animal shelters.