Preparing for the Job Search as a College Student


While you’re still in college, the process of job hunting after graduation seems distant. Instead of thinking about the struggles you’re about to face, you don’t bother getting mobilized before you have the degree in your hands. College students fail to understand a very important thing: it’s never early to take action and prepare themselves for the job market. You need to start exploring opportunities and tools that will help you face the reality after college. Here is some advice that will make the journey less challenging: Explore different job search boards

LinkedIn and Indeed are great sources of opportunities, but you shouldn’t limit your search there. Depending on their specific goals, job hunters find other job search boards to be more appropriate. You should check out GovernmentJobs, WorkInSports, TechCareers, EducationAmerica, JournalismJobs, and HealthCareerWeb. If your career goals are focused on one of these niches, it will be easier for you to use a specialized job search engine.

Create a profile on LinkedIn

It doesn’t matter whether you have working experience or not; make sure to create your LinkedIn profile as soon as possible. Include your extracurricular activities, awards, skills, internships, and all jobs you’ve had.

Create an awesome resume!

If you start searching for jobs without knowing how to write a solid resume, you’ll be surprised why you’re not getting any interviews. Practice your resume writing skills during college, so you’ll be ready to create customized applications for different positions. If you don’t know how to handle this part, the writers at essay writing service NinjaEssays.com can help. They will create a professional resume and personal statement according to your specific instructions. Well-written job application documents will increase your chances of landing a job soon after graduation.

Create a blog and make it successful!

Recent graduates with WordPress presence can easily present their skills, knowledge, and influence to potential employers. WordPress is the best tool for putting together a personal blog, but it’s also recommended to get your own domain name. If you have already set career goals, then it will be easy to decide on the blogging niche. If not, choose a personal interest and start writing about it.

Explore the job market

Indeed is an effective job search engine that will help you find great employment opportunities. Don’t wait too long before you sign up for a free account; start exploring the market before you graduate. You can also post your resume and get noticed by employers who are looking for people with your skills.

Get an internship!

Internships are more important than you think. If you have three or more successful internships before graduating from college, you’ll have greater chances of getting employed as soon as you hit the job market.

Do a background check

Background checks are an inevitable part of the hiring process in most companies. eKnowID is a tool that will enable you to perform a background check on yourself and see the information available to potential employers. You will get a comprehensive report in 72 hours after you apply for the check.

Join an industry-related group

Mingling with people in professional development or industry-specific groups may not seem like a fun thing to do while you’re in college. However, the connections you create through these groups will help you get to established professionals in the niche of your interest. You can even find a mentor who will provide recommendations and give you a little push on the way to success.

Prepare for job interviews

When you get a call for an interview after sending several applications, the feeling is overwhelming. Don’t wait too long before you start working on your ability to leave a good first impression. Install Job interview Questions Prep on your smartphone and start gaining confidence through practice.

Set realistic expectations

After all those years you spent preparing yourself for the career of your dreams, you clearly expect to get a great job right after you get the degree. Unfortunately, some struggles are usually inevitable on the way to success. Be realistic about your expectations and set smaller goals you can achieve step by step.

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