Personal Brands We Love: Chardelle Moore, Empowering Entertainer


Chardelle Moore gained our attention through instagram. The photo-sharing platform is a great way to connect with people, but also a good place to keep up with what your contacts are up to. Through IG, we saw that Chardelle is heavily involved in the entertainment and media industry constantly hosting events, speaking at schools, and modeling. We love her brand because she is a one-woman show! From her we learn about the importance of investing in yourself for future success and how college is pivotal in setting the tone for the rest of your career. Read our interview with her as she describes how she has created her brand.

Describe your personal brand in three words:

Cultural, Empowerment, Entertainment

30 second elevator pitch, Go!

My name is Chardelle Moore I am a television host, broadcast journalist, motivational speaker, activist, and model!

When did you begin deliberately building your brand?

I been working in the entertainment industry since I was in elementary school and modeled when I was a teenager, but it wasn’t until college that I really began building a “brand”.

How much time, money and energy do you invest to continue building a solid brand? You have to spend money to make money! Investing in a website is one of the best things that I have ever did for myself. A website is also important because it helps you establish credibility as a business. Getting a good website can cost you over $1,500 but it’s worth it. I also started renting office space for my business meetings. It’s more professional than meeting at a local coffee shop. Presentation is very important in my line of work.

Television and radio have nontraditional hours. After I leave the station the work does not stop there. I spend hours and hours every day marketing my brand on social media, meeting with clients, writing, and bookings.

What has been the greatest opportunity you have been offered?

In 2013, I became the global ambassador for Black Girls Ignite Africa. A nonprofit organization dedicated to the empowerment and healthy development of young African women and girls. I interview a-list celebrities, and landed magazine covers, but nothing is more rewarding than impacting the world!

How did you get started?

I started in elementary as my school’s television reporter. The teachers and faulty were amazed by my natural talent. One of the local television networks offered me to host a local children’s educational program and the rest was history!

What keeps you going?

My passion.  Entertainment is a tough industry! The hours and the personalities are very demanding. However, I believe if you are passionate about something, no matter how hard your journey may be, you will continue to keep pushing since you LOVE what you do.

What is your typical day like?

There is no such thing as a typical day for me.  Every day is different! I am a freelance journalist and I work for 3 networks. I literarily go from one network to the next. Not to mention my career requires me to host events and make appearances. After leaving the studio you can find me empowering students at a school or hosting an event. I spend hours every day on bookings and brand marketing. Then, I have to go home and write for my next story I will be reporting. I am more focused on broadcast journalism, but still manage to find time to book modeling work as well!  The grind is serious and I typically work more than 8 hours every day!  Welcome to media and entertainment!

How did you garner press coverage and media attention?

Press is so important! It’s free exposure in front of a large audience. One thing I learned in this industry is that you have to put yourself out there! I am always contacting different magazines, TV programs, radio, websites, etc that fits their target demographic. They are often very receptive.

Media companies get very busy! I have my 30-second elevator pitch ready when the press contacts me.  Social media is a great way to garner press and mediation attention. I am big on networking and never leave home without business cards because you never know who you are going to meet.

What were the steps you took in college to help get you into the position you are in now?

College is the best place to start building your brand! I graduated from Marymount University in May 2010 with a Bachelors Degree in Communications with an emphasis in Broadcast Journalism and Public Relations. During my time in college, I was determined to educate others about cultural awareness and build a strong media portfolio.

I co-founded Marymount University’s African Caribbean Association where I led in raising awareness on the social and economic issues facing the African and Caribbean Diaspora. I was also the Black Student Alliance Community Outreach Director, student ambassador, and a charter member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated.

I began speaking at schools, colleges, and charity events. By the time I graduated college, I built a strong motivational speaking and activism resume.

On the entertainment side, I was Marymount University Cultural Arts and Lecture Chair. I hosted “Coffee House,” a live weekly music show featuring artists from across the country. “Coffee House” provided me with the experience of hosting live and built my on-air presentation skills.

During my junior year in college, I entered The Miss Caribbean Metro USA pageant and ended up winning!  The title took my brand globally, and opened the door to my modeling, motivational speaking, and on-air talent career!

When I graduated from college I received the Senior Leadership Award for demonstrating excellence in community outreach initiatives in the metropolitan area and inspiring students to take my lead.  A week later I was at Black Entertainment Television determined to learn the ropes of the entertainment industry first hand!

Personal Branding Ah-ha moment: When people you have never met before commend your work! Very humbling.

Words of Wisdom for Millennials: Follow your passion! It’s not easy but it will be worth it!

Connect with Chardelle Twitter: @ChardelleMoore http://www.chardellemoore.net/