Personal Brands We Love: Raven Robinson, PR Superstar


Raven Robinson 007fRaven Robinson is an innovative young public relations professional from the South Bronx. Her brand is dynamic, because she is a constant reminder that where you come from doesn't dictate how far you go. Raven is the founder of Pr2Politics, a consulting firm that offers public relations services to political candidates and emerging public figures. Raven's brand received popularity within the political community as she single handily carried out public relations services for various senate campaigns in the New York area during the 2012 election year. Raven successfully obtained blog, radio and print placements for candidates and she then went on to began handling press for a Boston based organization known as the National Dance for Obama. Her firm is currently managing public relations for The Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Care Prevention and many other prominent organizations. We love following her on instagram and seeing everything she is up to. Read more about her below!

Describe your personal brand in three words My personal brand is fun, informative and polished.

30 second elevator pitch, Go! I am a public relations consultant and the owner of Pr2Politics. We service professionals in various industries establish themselves as public figures by replicating political campaigning strategies for clients in various industries.

Current position and your typical work day I am the CEO of Pr2Politics. A public relations firm based in NYC. My typical day spans from 8am to 1am everyday. I wake up and review current events and industry news. My afternoon is spent on either conference calls or in meetings on behalf of clients. I use my evenings to draft, emails so they can be ready to be sent while on the go throughout the day. I spend the later part of the evening researching and preparing necessary documents. I produce my best work during those hours. The remainder of the night is spent reading.

How have you developed your brand? I have developed my brand but creating a brand that speaks to everything I enjoy in one. I love politics as a industry but I love public relations as a career. I built a brand that allowed me to combine all my passions, my love for popular culture and the corporate arena all in one.

Explain the role that your personal brand played in getting you to where you are today. My personal brand played an imperative role in getting me where I am today because it allowed me to have a unique edge. Many of my peers and clients enjoy the fact I have a "hip" sense of style but also conduct business in a formal manner at all times.

How did you garner press coverage and media attention? The best press comes from me being myself in all honesty. From being quoted in Forbes, and other online platforms it came from people observing the work I put out, on my social media platforms and inquiring if I was interested in providing a quote or being highlighted.

Personal brands attract opportunities. What has been the greatest opportunity you have gotten? The greatest opportunity I have every received that I can is a direct attribute to my personal brand is when I worked on a project with the National Dance for Obama. I met a close friend of the founder of the organization at a conference. Months later when her friend inquired if she knew anyone she referred me and after a few emails and conference call the deal was sealed. All because we met a conference I moderated. Having a polished look, being articulate and confident really has been great for referrals.

Who are some of your mentors and why? I have a few mentors, but my first mentor who really set the stage is Lorena Jimenez-Castro. I think she seen something in mew that I did not see in myself. At 15 I did not really know what I wanted in life. As a high school student I was not really into my studies as much as I should have been, and attending a public school in the South Bronx I never felt I had anything to look forward to. With no political interest or work experience she provided me with a paid internship at with a local senator within my district. That opportunity changed my life and since then with her assistance every summer until college I had a paid internship within an elected officials office. It was then I officially fell in love with the field, picked up my grades,changed my style, decided I wanted to go to school for political science and most importantly she helped me find my passion.

What were the steps you took in college that impacted your professional success? The first step I took when I got to college was join my public relations club. The club helped me understand the industry hands on and really build my brand. I joined my freshman year and by my senior year I was the President of my the college's Public Relations Student Society Of America (PRSSA) club.

What would you say to a young person who wants to work in your industry? Understand the specific industry and passion. I find many young girls who would like to become a publicist, but are unaware of which elements they enjoy of the industry that want to be in. This is very important because it will help you stand out from competitors and more importantly help establish your brand. Two publicists can have the same client but acquire different results. Personally I believe it is best to brand clients as public figures and promote them totally different. I like to brand my clients very similar to elected officials. When you see my clients you know what issues they stand for, their views on current events and everyone on my team or client roster engages in public speaking from graduations, to career days, empowerment workshops and more. I think it is important. Although press is a big factor in public relations my firm focuses on partnership development as well, similar to when candidates receive and give endorsements. I give this example to explain to my peers: [Tweet "Once you decide to become a publicist, fully understand what will make you different. - @Pr2Politics"] Have your own personal brand, that is what will build your company as whole.

What can we expect from you in the near future? Outside of public relations, one of my business partners and I will be releasing a high end head wear line within the next year inspired by culture in Dubai. We are very excited, the line will range from turbans, hats, scarfs and more. I love public relations and I am excited to dabble in other industries.

What has been your biggest branding challenge thus far? My biggest challenge has been over extending myself. Sometimes it becomes hard to say no.

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