Three Smart Ways to Recover From a Personal Branding Blunder


personal branding mistake

Mistakes happen all the time, even to the best of us. For example, who can forget Rupert Murdoch’s media hacking scandal? This incident caused Murdoch much turmoil, but he took matters into his own hands when he apologized through advertising in every United Kingdom newspaper. While it has taken awhile for this reputation to recover, he made an effort to fix his mistake. Have you heard the saying time heals all? Well, the saying applies to your personal or professional brand, too!

Unfortunately, a bad branding mistake can happen to you, too, whether this means to your company or your person. Examples include a negative website with your name on it, poor company reviews online, or bad publicity. But you can overcome such blunders. Here are three ways to help you do just that:

Monitor Your Online Presence: To overcome a branding blunder, you have to know it exists. Monitor your personal and business online presence and social footprint on a routine basis. Set up Google Alerts or check out tracking software that can help you keep track of where and in what context your name or company appears. Scan over mobile websites and apps to ensure all is well there, too.

Take Responsibility: If a mistake does happen, accept immediate responsibility for it. Then, take the appropriate steps to fix it. When thinking about your personal brand, it is highly unlikely that you’ll face anything catastrophic, but apologize if it is necessary. Remember, most problems are fixable. Simply put your mind and energy towards correcting any issue you encounter, and you will likely succeed.

Make a Plan: Individuals should ensure that their online footprint is representative of them through their own social media strategy. It can be as informal as you’d like. Simply think of topics you are an expert in and post about them a few times per week. Businesses can also follow this advice, too, as well as coach employees on what is acceptable to post on the Internet and through mobile devices.

What’s more, people and corporations should create a social media and crisis communications plan, including a method for instant communication among key stakeholders, employees, friends, and family. This will help ensure if your account is hacked or you experience a branding blunder, you’ll already have a plan of action in place.

Follow the tips above to help manage any embarrassing branding mishaps that may come your way.

About the Author Tiffany Sumner is a freelance writer for eLearners, where she writes articles on a wide range of topics. In her spare time she reads, writes fiction, and watches way too many cat videos online. You can follow her on Google+