The Path Less Traveled: Emmelie De La Cruz


I am so excited to kick-off a brand new series on The Branding Muse called "The Path Less Traveled," a host of video interviews by the lovely Neffy Anderson, former BET Social Media Correspondent who is taking the world of broadcast journalism into her own hands. The Branding Muse is all about helping millennials create profits and careers from their passions and this series does just that. I am honored to kick off the series with our interview where I talk about the birth and creation of The Branding Muse, share networking tips, how to own your power and my secret to growing my social media following and clientele!

The Path Less Traveled is a YouTube series by Neffy Anderson spotlighting successful millennials who have turned their passions into careers. It serves as a solution for young professionals with uncommon career aspirations who are looking for encouragement, empowerment, and inspiration.

 Connect with Neffy: @NeffyAnderson | Youtube | Instagram