[Style] Fighting Fall With Color


If you know me, you know I have been trying to move South since 2012. When I was a senior in college, I was plotting to move to Atlanta, Georgia and ended up getting a job in DC instead. I then wanted to move to Miami, and ended up landing my dream job marrying my love for social media and the start-up culture. So here I am, still in New York freezing my behind off. But I just can't take it y'all. I'm not meant for the cold. I've been fighting fall the last 2 weeks or so, because I'm just not ready to let go of summer colors and more importantly, summer vibes. Thus, I'm off to Atlanta tonight until next week, in the hopes of enjoying a few more days 0f 75+ degree weather. (Catch up with me and my shenanigans on Insta.)


Oversized Yellow Tote

Oxblood is all the way in this season, and there are a few items, like this dress, that I have been obsessed with. Super comfortable and an easy way to look like you have it together, even if inside you're falling apart. Struggle Mondays anyone? With no effort or need to iron at all, a fall-colored shift and a bright accessory like this oversized yellow tote, take the hassle out of getting dressed in the morning. #ThankMeLater

Stay tuned for more shots from Atlanta! Let me know what kind of outfit posts you want to see.

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