[Style Post] Stay Strapped


I came back from the desert of Dubai, to a not so warm NYC. Blah. To take advantage of the last bit of summer we have left, I decided to pair some my favorite over-the-knee gladiator heels with a few basic pieces. When your accessories are doing the most like mine, a plain jane outfit is just what you need. This purse was clutch (all kinds of pun intended) when I was on vacation. I'm so over the tote bags on my shoulder and the messenger bags wrinkling my shirts. An oversized clutch is the perfect solution when you want to carry your life, but not look bulky.

Over The Knee Gladiator Sandals Over The Knee Gladiator Sandals and oversized floral clutch

Oversized clutch (floral)

(the pictures never do the items justice)

Over the Knee Gladiator Sandals

(I did have to get these custom fitted, because I have no calves. #SkinnyGirlProblems)

High-Low Top | H&M

These pictures were snapped on my tripod with my lovely Canon Power Shot.