7 Ways to Suck It Up and Learn Self-Promotion


My post this week is a few days late, as I was recently on vacation at the Lifestyles Resort in the Dominican Republic. (You can live vicariously through my Instagram page.) However, I have so much to share with you! Before I left, I presented at the NASPA Region 2 Conference on Branding Yourself in Higher Education and just yesterday spoke at the WEEN Academy on Developing Your Personal Brand. During both sessions, most women identified their top branding challenge as being uncomfortable with self-promotion. This didn't come as a shock to me, since there is a long standing confidence gap that has plagued women since before they earned the right to vote in 1919. What did come as a shock to me was that women continue to be insecure in their abilities when their accomplishments already speak volumes. This is a major barrier to success. [Tweet "Success depends on confidence as much as it does on competence."]

As a woman, I find it hard to believe that so many of us still haven't grasped this law of the professional world. Keeping our head down and just doing the work will not help us excel in our careers, and our male colleagues are going to continue to make more money and get promoted faster the longer we remain silent. Men are more likely to take risks, while women suffer from perfectionism syndrome, living paralyzed until they are absolutely sure. We don't speak up, own our accomplishments, sell ourselves and our skills or ask for what we deserve. Think about it this way. You don't hesitate to share the good things that happen to you with your friends, family and significant other. So why would you be afraid to share with your boss, followers on social media and others that you meet? Confidence starts from within, but below are some simple ways to begin promoting yourself and get the respect you deserve.

  1. Practice and perfect your elevator pitch.
  2. Craft a results and accomplishment-based professional biography.
  3. Find clarity with a personal branding statement.
  4. Update your LinkedIn profile with recommendations and media.
  5. Start blogging.
  6. Seek out speaking opportunities.
  7. Share your success on social media.

[Tweet "Inaction is the career-killing result of insecurity."]

If you are struggling with self-promotion and want to learn more about the 7 strategies I listed above, join me for a free webinar on How to Overcome Your Fear of Self-Promotion ( + get what you deserve) on Tuesday July 8, 2014 at 8PM. Sign up below to receive webinar details.

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