Optimizing your LinkedIn Profile for the Job Search


Job search season is upon us and more and more people are approaching me for help around Linkedin profile tips, their resumes, cover letters and personal brands. I recently completed a brand audit with a client, and noticed that I am consistently sharing the same tips and tools around LinkedIn. It is the most underutilized and underestimated social media network. Most millennials don't understand what to do with it and the power that it has when it comes to networking and job hunting. Since this information is so important during job search season, I jumped on Periscope and shared my top tips for getting your LinkedIn profile on point. Of all the social networks, LinkedIn is the most important when it comes to presenting yourself professionally to potential employers and recruiters. Although it may seem tedious and awkward at first, investing time and energy into your LinkedIn profile as you would a job application, helps your online presence stand out among 175 million job seekers and professionals on the platform. Trust me, after you read this post, you will be doing better than 80% of them.

The reality is that what you know and who you know, isn't nearly as important as who knows you. The more that people are aware of who you are and what you are trying to accomplish, the more likely they will be able to help. My LinkedIn profile is the perfect place to communicate what I'm looking for and what I can do. For those reasons, recruiters slide into my inbox regularly with opportunities that may be a good fit for my skill set. If that isn't happening for you, you have some work to do on your profile.

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 You see, LinkedIn is the VIP section of the job market. It's the place where you can escape the crowds of other job seekers and stand out. And I don't know about you, but I try to be in the "section" in all areas of my life. Why are you trying to be in the regular section of the club with the commoners fighting for the bartenders' attention to get a drink? Like who has time? You should be seeking the competitive advantage in all scenarios. You did not get an education, complete internships, and work 3 jobs just to struggle with the commoners. You’re trying to build your brand, so you’re already VIP-section worthy. All you have to do is come correct. Here’s how.

LinkedIn is a search engine. Treat it as such.

Most users do not use LinkedIn to its full potential because they treat it as an online version of their resume. Because your profile is digital, recruiters and employers are able to use LinkedIn as a search engine to seek out viable candidates. Your profile should therefore be populated with certain keywords and content to make your profile searchable. During my Job Search Bootcamp, we’re diving deep into how to identify the right keywords and the places to strategically include them to get you found more easily. Below are some general tips and guidelines to get you started.

How to Optimize Your Linkedin Summary
How to Optimize Your Linkedin Summary

Be mindful of your headline.

Your headline should accurately describe the position you are looking for and not simply a description of your current or previous position. “Recent graduate seeking entry-level marketing position” is a better headline than “ Marketing Intern at Company X.” People do business in a variety of contexts, and you want to be straightforward about what your goals are.

Contact recruiters directly.

Get yo’ behind off Tinder and start looking for Mr. and Mrs. Right on LinkedIn. You will find much better prospects on there, I promise. Linkedin has a plethora of recruiters and hiring managers looking for talent. They sometimes will find you, but other times you have to find them. I wrote a post specifically on how to contact recruiters, because this is the game-changer when you want to be proactive during your job search. You have to get aggressive and reach out to recruiters during these three scenarios: When a recruiter looked at your page, when there is a recruiter in your network, connecting with a recruiter at a company that you applied to.

@@Read this if recruiters aren’t sliding into your inbox regularly on #Linkedin. @@

Even if recruiters come to you, you need to make sure your profile is on fleek. Here are some common reasons that a Linkedin profile flops:

  • It isn't search engine optimized.
  • You aren't using social proof.
  • You aren't building your thought leadership.
  • You aren't driving traffic to it.
  • You don't make it easy to learn more about you.

@@ Common reasons that a Linkedin profile flops and how to make it better. @@

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