[Lifestyle Post] Greetings From Dubai

4 years ago, I was blessed with the opportunity to travel to the UAE to intern for Ketchum RAAD in their healthcare PR practice. What I thought would be a significant professional experience became a life-changing summer for me. It baffled me that people who grew up on the other side of the world had so much in common with me. In fact, we had so much in common that we continue to be great friends. The misconceptions that exist in the west will forever make it impossible to forge meaningful relationships with our counterparts in the east. We need to get it together. But, I digress.

IMG_0936The moral of the story is, I'm back! Years and one airline glitch later, I returned to the Middle East, a place that I love so much. When I came in June 2011, and the heat was real and I couldn't do a desert safari. This September was the perfect time. We visited the desert to dune bash aka almost die in a 4x4, rode camels, smoked shisha, ate traditional food and got henna tattoos. It was a great evening with friends.

IMG_0974To survive the desert heat and still protect myself from the sun, I opted for a cotton jumpsuit with a bathing suit top.  The humidity, although brutal, doesn't totally melt your makeup off. I'm convinced that the 100 SPF sunscreen I wore kept my makeup intact. However, translucent powder and setting spray kept me from being shiny throughout the day. The star of the day was really my orange lipstick from Wet and Wild. All matte everything.

Lipstick: Carrot Gold