Let Your Passions Guide Your Career Choice


If you have reached this page, you must be one of the following; a student who has finished his/her education, a professional looking for a change in your professional life or a person who is unemployed because of the poor state of the economy. Whatever your status, there is a career waiting for you. For those who are looking for a change in their careers, it is possible. All you have to do is take a step back and analyze the situation that you are in. You need to research your skills, realize your strength and muster courage for making that leap of faith. Society has evolved and reached a stage where in order to survive one needs not only a job but a career. During the course of a conversation the first thing people ask is your name and the second question will be ‘So, what do you do?’ the answer to that question will determine the opinion that the other person makes of you. It has also become a norm for people to mindlessly toil away at their jobs in order to earn money for sustenance. It is believed that one has to sacrifice one’s happiness to stick to a job. It is this mentality that has to change. If you have fallen into the trap where you think that the sole purpose of taking up a job is to live comfortably then you are wrong.

A good compensation is just one of the factors. If you have a high paying job and despite that you are miserable every hour of the day, you are subjecting yourself to a lot of physical and mental torture. This will definitely take a toll on your health. You will feel burned out at the end of the day and anxious and even depressed. The money that you earn will never be able to help you recover your health. You will never be successful in such a carer where you are not satisfied with the job. You need passion. You must love your job to the extent that you feel at home even when at work. It should seem meaningful to you.

When contemplating a career you must make a list of the things that you really love doing. Jot down even the most improbable of things. Take an inventory of your skills. You may have management skills, communication skills, public speaking skills or computer literacy skills. There is a career for every one of these skills. It will be very easy for you if you find a job that requires the skill set that you have. You can even possess skills that do not require professional training. Some people have organising skills and often do well during events. In order to apply your skills to your career you will have to develop those skills. You need to be the best at what you do and only then will you be able to perform well at work. If you follow your heart and opt for the career that requires the skill sets that you possess you will have a wonderful career.

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