Why Instagram Post Notifications Aren't the Answer to the #InstagramUpdate

Instagram's new algorithm will be dropping soon, allegedly. It will make your feed more like Facebook with an algorithm that will sort posts based on "the likelihood you'll be interested in the content, your relationship with the person posting, and the timeliness of the post". Based on the way my Explore page is setup, Instagram's algorithm is on point! You ever been IG stalking a girl who commented on your boyfriend' Instagram photo, only for her to show up on your explore page the next day? ( Y'all know you're about that life too!)  Instagram knows what you want, boo. Trust the process. Y,all. Listen. This flood of "Turn on post notifications" posts needs to come to an end. Whoever decided that this was the way to survive the Instagram update, had Instagram users all the way effed up. I went on a short and sweet Twitter rant this morning and based on the reaction that I got from my followers, I decided to write a post. I'm not the only one annoyed. Turning on post notifications is not the answer, but there are a few things that you can do to keep your content in front of your follower's eyes.

While getting your followers to switch on notifications seems like a great way to ensure they see your posts, this may be a hard sell - because nobody and I mean NOBODY wants to be bombarded with alerts or cares that much about your posts. Sorry to break it to you, but it's true. Unless Instagram releases some metrics around post notifications and how many people are actually turning them on, I will not be a believer.

The reality is that that best way to guarantee that your posts continue to be seen is to work with Instagram's algorithm rather than against it, and convince it that people want to see and engage with your posts.  What you have to start or continue to do is focus on quality content that drives engagement. If you share content that gets a lot of likes, comments and shares, that content will be seen by more people, so post good quality pictures and use your captions to start conversations.

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3 Ways to Survive the Instagram Algorithm Update

1. Boost Your Engagement and Followers NOW.

Instagram was nice enough to let us know about the algorithm change before it kicked in. Instead of freaking out and whining about it, use this time with the chronological newsfeed to jumpstart your new strategy. Make an extra push to increase engagement now while you still have the luxury of time on your hands. The easiest way to boost engagement is to post content that people like, take high-quality photos, and prompt comments.There are two easy ways to grow your social media following: increase exposure and optimize for engagement. This means you need to get more eyes on your profile and do it at the right time. There are many things that you can do on platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest to increase exposure. Some things include giveaways, collaborations and features, advertising, twitter chats, hashtags, and post optimization.

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2. Hashtags

If you are seriously using Instagram to grow your business and brand, you should have already been tracking and analyzing  your results. You should already know when your audience is online and the kind of content that works well for them. Another reason to dive into analytics is to see which hashtags perform the best. Always test which hashtags improve engagement, and switch them up to put  your posts in front of a new group of people. Constantly monitor trending hashtags (didn’t you already?) to see if any of the applicable and relevant hashtags are popular, giving you the opportunity to become part of the real-time online conversation. (You should definitely check out the concept of Newsjacking. It is a great way to boost your content regardless of the channel.)  This is something we dive into during the Squad Goals Challenge, because being strategic is how you win on social media.

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3. Relax.

This Instagram update will level the playing field. All those accounts with purchased followers, low quality content and the ability to post every 30 minutes will put in check with the new algorithmic feed.  It is going to separate the fakes with purchased followers and trash content from those with great and truly engaging content. The solution to #InstagramUpdate is not post notifications, it's getting ahead of the game with smart strategies.

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