Don't Be A Social Media Loser


There are things that we all leave out when we first start putting together a social media plan. We overlook these important details and can’t figure out why no one follows us, talks to us or cares about what we have to say. We feel all alone in the social media world, sitting next to the virtual punch bowl like we’re the losers from a 1980s prom movie. Yikes! Harsh right? But it’s true! Too many times, I hear young professionals and students say that they don’t get Twitter, or see entrepreneurs who are missing opportunities because they don’t know how to leverage their expertise online. Countless articles explain the importance of building your brand, community and niche so I won’t bore you with the reasons. However, I will tell you what it is that you need to do in order to get unstuck on social media.

Social media success is both an art and a science. You should be growing your channels each and every day, engaging in conversations, getting clicks and just being an all around rock-star. This doesn’t happen overnight, but it should happen if you’re doing it right. (I just rhymed! Rap career in my future? Maybe not.)

As a social media manager and consultant, I saw that key best practices are overlooked often. If you want to learn about the things I did differently in order to turn around multiple social media accounts, keep reading.

Print it. Hang it, and most importantly use it.

Creating a Social Media Strategy 101 (1)