How To Withdraw Your Job Application Properly [Template Included]

So I was chatting with my blog manager, Jennifer who recently accepted a job offer after going on tons of interviews. She got an offer on Monday and was offered a second interview by another company the following day. So what's a girl in such demand to do? For the sake of clarity, we will call the first company, Company A, and the second, Company B. Creative, right?

Here's what to do when you have an offer from one company on the table and are still interviewing for others.

1. Notify Company A that you have received their offer, are excited about potentially working for them, and need some time to review the offer. This is also the time to start negotiating. And yes, always negotiate.

2. Check in with Company B and reconfirm the hiring timeline. Communicate that you have received another offer, but are interested in exploring their company further and would like to know (if all goes well) when you will hear back about a final decision from them.

Now, if you are as amazing as I think you are, Company B will be transparent and may even speed up their interview process if you are a viable candidate. Company A will also try to put the pressure and ask for your decision in a few days after you've negotiated. (Again, this is a super important step that shouldn't be skipped. Hence, why I dedicate a whole section of the The Job Magnet to it. Whether it is your first job or your 5th job, negotiate.) If it is looking like the interviewing process with Company B will go beyond the deadline Company A set for a response, you have a tough decision to make.

However, this post is titled how to withdraw your job application, so we will assume that you decided to go with Company A. Now, let's get back to Jen.

She ended up accepting the first offer because she thought it was a better fit. Naturally, she should have withdrawn her application immediately when she chose to accept the other offer, right? Nope, she carried on. Please refer to this conversation to see the job coaching realness I dropped on her via text.

Job search etiquette

Template: Withdrawing your job application

If you accept another job offer, do not string the other company along unless you are planning to possibly rescind your acceptance from Company A, which is not a good move at all but it happens. Once you have sent off your job acceptance letter, here is a template to say thanks, but no thanks to Company B.

Hi [NAME],

Thank you for considering me for the [POSITION] and for inviting me to interview at [COMPANY].  Although I enjoyed learning more about the role, I feel that this is not the right fit at this time. I would like to formally withdraw my application from consideration. I sincerely appreciate your time and wish you much success during your search.

Again, thank you for your consideration.

It's really that simple. Don't drag it out and do the most sharing too many details. Withdraw your application quickly and politely, so they and you can carry on. If you happen to know someone else that would be a good fit for the role, offer to connect them. Be very cautious however, because the person you recommend will be a reflection of you. Choose wisely.

Job searching is full of layers and nuances. So many questions around when and how to negotiate, what to say during the interview, how to improve your resume and cover letter etc. That's why I created the Job Magnet course. If you're looking to get ahead of the competition, register today.