[DIY] How to Shoot Your Own Blog Photos And Videos


If you're like me, you are probably all the way OVER asking people to take pictures of you and a photographer just isn't in the budget yet. If you're traveling solo, live alone, or just have stingy, lazy friends, family members and significant others, finding a good and willing photographer in your life is damn near impossible. For a while I used to miss out on 300-like photo opportunities because no one was around or wanted to take my picture. :: Cue the violins. :: Since then, I have mastered taking my own blog photos, flat lays, outfit photos and even headshots. It's not super expensive to do-it-yourself if you have the right equipment.


Photoshoot Tools and Supplies

@@How to shoot your own photos without fancy equipment@@

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Instructions on How To Take Your Own Photos and Headshots

1. Set up your equipment.

Set your phone on the tripod, with the light behind it. (Nobody wants dark photos right?) If you are shooting inside, shoot as close to the window as possible facing the light.

2. Stage your shot.

Remove any distractions that may be in the picture that aren’t there to help tell your story. You want to be the focal point of the shot.

3. Shoot.

Use the bluetooth remote to start shooting away. Of course when you’re taking photos of yourself, your a tripod is your best friend! Try different angles and don’t be afraid to experiment with your camera’s placement. While some lookbooks do a great job showcasing outfits from just one, repetitive angle…personally, more times than not, I prefer to see shots with variety.

4. Get over looking crazy.

You have your phone on a tripod with a remote. I mean, obviously, this is narcissism at its finest. The key here is to just own it and act confident. Whoever walks by and sees you while either be confused, intrigued, or entertain. Either way, it’s none of your concern. The only thing you need to be concerned about is not having someone run up on you and steal your tripod with phone and all attached.

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5. Edit

Decide on an aesthetic and stick to it. Are you going for bright photos, photos with a cool tone, or another kind of effect? Decide on one and stick to it for the sake of your brand and Instagram feed. To make your life easier, get some photoshop filter templates and the editing will be done all for you. (If you don’t have photoshop, you can use it’s free equivalent called Pixlr.) If you’re shooting everything on your phone and don’t want to deal with photoshop, you will need to download a few (free) photo editing apps: Perfect 365 to get that makeup on fleek, Snapseed to do some more detailed editing, and ColorStory to get your colors to pop.

Take a look at this photo that I shot with my tripod, iPhone and remote. Good quality right?


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Literally, do not waste another day begging anyone to take your photos, leaving your About Page without a headshot, or not slaying on the ‘gram. Get your behind on Amazon Prime, order the supplies and be shooting your shots in 72 hours. Your blog followers will thank me. What do you think of these tips? If you decide to give shooting your own blog photos a try, let me know on IG using the hashtag #HustleHackCo.

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