[Style Post] Mixed Signals


The last day of summer has come and gone, but clearly I am in denial because I'm still trying to wear shorts. I've worn this outfit twice since I shot it, here and in Dubai, and I am obsessed with mixing prints. It's a trend that I have wanted to try for a while, and I was finally able to find two pieces that worked. If you didn't know, my go-to fashion pieces are all black and white. From my white nails to houndstooth prints and stripes, I am all the way here for that combination. I was laying out pieces for a trip to Atlanta and had pulled these two for two separate outfits, but when I saw them next to eachother, a lightbulb went off. Who doesn't love a fashionable a-ha moment?


Here is what I have learned about mixing prints

The simpler the prints and patterns, the easier they are to mix. Vertical stripes, especially black and white ones, go with absolutely everything and everyone. Why? They are neutral and flattering. As we all know, horizontal stripes make you look wider, so if you want that waist to be snatched, steer clear of those. If you are a thinner like me and are striving to look like you aren't 12 years old. Horizontal stripes are also fair game for you.

When mixing prints you want to be mindful of the colors and the size of the prints. It is all about balance! I mixed stripes with a geometric print because the stripes were small and the print was larger. I also knew that the black and white in the shorts would pair well with the black and white stripes. I love mixing stripes with dots, stripes with florals, and if I ever find the right balance, I want to mix stripes with stripes. I'll be shopping away on Amazon trying to find the right piece. Wish me luck!


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