4 Ways to Grow Your Brand’s Following


When developing your personal brand, one thing that is also important to take into consideration is the promotion and marketing of that brand. Market your personal brand by growing your following on your digital channels and building your network of contacts. In order to have people trust you, they must feel that you are knowledgeable and credible. You must consistently showcase that you are a subject matter expert by creating and sharing content online. Below are just some of the ways that you can begin to build your following and presence.

Social Media

Make sure your social media postings reflect your brand and communicate your expertise. You should be sharing valuable content that attracts like-minded people to you and your channels. When you are able to make important contributions, you begin building a community of loyal followers who are not only enjoying your content, but also likely to share it with others.

Twitter: Tweet articles in your niche at least three times a day. Remember to use hashtags and engage with other influencers in the space.
Pinterest: Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social networks and an extremely easy way to make your content go viral. As one of the top referral sites for many blogs and websites, the right photo and caption can drive traffic and increase your views faster than you can imagine.

Your Website

Have an RSS feed and email signup that is easy to find on your site. An RSS feed and email marketing are great ways to deliver content right to your readers’ inboxes and convert them into frequent returning visitors. Make sure that these icons and forms are found on every page of your website in order to capture your readers’ information from wherever they are on the site. A great tool to use to collect emails is the Hello Bar, and if you have Wordpress, you should get the Popup Ally plugin. That's what I use and it's changed the game.

Your website should be home to all of your high-quality content. It should house not only information about you, but it should also have blog posts and articles that can help others learn from your experiences. Remember, brands are not only for you; they are for others. Do not neglect the opportunity of sharing what you know and building a tribe of people who can connect and relate to your journey.

On the Web

Share your blog posts on bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon, Digg and Del.ici.ous to reach a larger audience and help with SEO. Triberr is also a great social network for bloggers to network and share eachother’s content. Repurpose your content on platforms like Linkedin and Medium as well. The more eyes, the better.

Decide on content schedule. 

You must accept the fact that a huge part of the marketing space now requires the creation of content and for you to think and behave like an editor. Embrace the idea of a content schedule because it is what will help you develop the content that you need to drive traffic back to your website and to ultimately increase your visibility as a brand. Creating a schedule just requires you to designate how often content goes out on each platform. It is hard to find a balance between work and life, especially when your brand often becomes secondary to our other obligations. I’m still working on some of these myself. It can be time consuming to diligently grow your following, but it can be done in pieces each day. Make time for each of these.