Why You Need a Full Skirt In Your Life

full skirt for brunch
Full skirt for brunch
Floral Shoes

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I am chronically late everywhere I go. Don't worry, I'm getting better at adulting everyday. It's been quite a journey.  (We have to be honest and realistic with ourselves and others right?) Thus, this doesn't allow for me to spend hours getting dressed, ironing or doing any of the activities other responsible people do. I have found the one clothing item that upgrades any outfit from casual to fabulous in 2.5 seconds is the full midi skirt. Whether I am rushing to a speaking engagement or going to brunch, I can make a t-shirt and some shades look chic with this feminine silhouette and wardrobe staple. 

Essence Beauty Box Brunch

Every single time I wear it, I receive a trillion compliments, and I just smile knowing that my whole outfit was probably less that the shirt they're wearing. Win! Most recently, I wore this look to the Essence Beauty Box: Beauty + Bites Brunch. (Well that was a mouthful.) I paired it with some floral shoes to make a real statement and some curls to make it even more feminine. If I was really popping, this is also what I would have worn to the Kentucky Derby. There's always next year right? 

If you are looking for one fashion staple that won't steer you wrong, a full skirt will take your outfit to new levels.