7 Cheap Backdrop Ideas To Easily Upgrade Your Photos

I'm going to be real honest with you. My Instagram and blog photos are whack. I hope in a few weeks that will no longer be the case, but right now my Instagram and blog photos are definitely a work in progress. I am a student at heart, so I have studied the different trends that make both blog and social media photos stunning. I would look at accounts like Mattieologie's and wonder "how the heck does she get it right?" There are some basic principles of photography that you must follow like lighting and composition, but there is one small tweak that you can make to your photos to upgrade them from blah to bomb: photo backdrops and backgrounds. A great background gives a photo more personality and can tie your page and site together nicely. It can be a great way to create brand consistency if you use the same background or style of background repeatedly. From my IG stalking, I mean research, I have compiled 7 different options for DIY photography backgrounds that are cheap and require no time to set up.

@@This small tweak will have your Instagram pictures on fleek.@@

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Best Backdrops for Photos and Videos

Gift Wrapping paper

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Poster Board


@@Finally uncovered the simple secret to flawless blog and Instagram photos.@@

Best Backgrounds for Flat Lays, Food Photography and Product Photography

Contact Paper (or self-adhesive vinyl)


Craft paper

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A Rug

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@@7 Cheap Backdrop Ideas to Easily Upgrade Your Blog and Instagram Photos@@

Using any backdrops or background that I may have missed? Let me know!